On this website, we use the word "provider" to mean anyone who is providing services or supports for youth and families. This includes: local mental health providers, school and county staff,  community leaders, faith and cultural group leaders, primary care providers, after-school youth workers, foundations, policy makers, volunteers, etc!


Thank you for your service to youth and families. The items listed on this page may be of particular interest to you. 

Do you have questions about RCCMHC? Do you need ideas/resources to support a child or family? We are here to help!  We can also schedule a zoom meeting with your team to discuss RCCMHC and how we can collaborate!


Call or Text (800) 565-2575        Holly Brabeck, Director of Family and Community Engagement     Wendy Goodman, Executive Director 

RCCMHC Flyer for Staff

Download a flyer to distribute to your staff. This flyer describes RCCMHC services and includes a QR code that links directly to our Common Referral page.  

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Search Local Agencies

Visit this page to find a searchable list of local agencies and mental health services. During COVID-19, we are also tracking services that are "Available Now" (no wait times) or "In-Person."


Your agency can help us keep this list up to date- schedule a regular check-in with our staff or fill out this form and email the updates to us.

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Virtual Resource Events

We are coming together to share resources and services that are available right now (no wait times.) Families can choose to meet with individual agencies and/or resource navigators. We will meet via Zoom. 

Coming Up:​

Financial Health & Wealth Creation Community Resource Fair: Thursday, November 4, 2021 from 4:00-6:00 

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Support Families in Crisis

Increased stress and isolation are leading to increased mental health, substance use, and maltreatment issues... so more families are experiencing crises and need support. 

Visit this page to find printable resources on navigating Ramsey County services, crisis warning signs and intervention strategies. 


Make Common Referrals

Visit the Common Referral page to support self-referrals or make professional referrals. This page includes: RCCMHC, Ramsey County Case Management,  Ramsey County Crisis  & Stabilization, Child Protection, School Linked Mental Health, and Safe Families (respite, support, host homes.)

Are there other "common referrals" that we should add to this page? Let us know!


FREE Professional Trainings

RCCMHC hosts FREE trainings throughout the year based on needs that are identified by our community. CEUs are usually available.

  • Family Engagement

  • Heal the Healer

  • Self-Healing Communities

  • Responding to Youth and Family Crises 

  • and more!

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Community Bulletin Board

Now-- more than ever-- we need to help each other by sharing time-sensitive resources and ideas!


We've added several new sections: COVID-19, Free Food, Basic Needs, Calm & Coping, Parenting/Co-Parenting, Free Activities, and more!  

  1. Adult Board  (for parents, schools, and local agencies)

  2. Teen Board (for ages 13+)

  3. Youth Board (for kids of all ages)


Each Bulletin Board is updated with new resources throughout the day. 

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Virtual Calm Room

For you AND your clients.


Are you feeling overwhelmed and full of emotions?

Is your brain racing? 


Take a vacation from your stress-  visit our virtual Calm Room.

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Family Trainings & Events

Share this page with your clients so they can join us for virtual trainings and events or watch recorded trainings on their own. Click on the link to learn more about:

  • Tuesday Trainings 

  • Wellbeing Wednesdays

  • Monday's Moodies- for youth/teens

  • Family Nights and Respite Events

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Non-Billable Services Bank

RCCMHC Partners and Member Agencies can apply for funds to provide non-billable youth mental health services and supports.​


We hope this will support you to serve families in creative ways while practicing physical distancing. This may include non-billable telehealth, client phone check-ins/coaching, and mental health services that are not covered in treatment plans etc. 

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Family Care Organizer

An "All in One Place" Family Care Organizer can make it easier for families to organize paperwork, keep track of changes, and share information with mental health professionals, doctors, child care, school, and family members etc.  Just fill out the forms online and save to a folder on Google Drive or to a flashdrive or personal computer.

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The Youth Mental Health Blog

Is COVID-19 making it harder to do your job? Is the extra stress getting to you? Are you feeling burned out ? 

RCCMHC wants to help YOU so you can help others!  Contact us for resources, connections or confidential support.


Or check out the Youth Mental Health Blog for ideas and a list of FREE help for helpers. 

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Coronavirus CALM Family Plan

Click on the button at the right to download our new Familiy Crisis Planning Worksheets for COVID-19.  These worksheets can be used with the emergency medical forms and other pages found in our online Family Care Binder (described above.)


Online Libraries

Additional reading materials are available here: 


Library for Families

Professional Library

Short Videos


Text Us for Resources

We are just a text message away!  You can text us for resource connections and we will get back to you ASAP!

Call or Text (800) 565-2575