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Virtual Resource Fairs

For more information, email or call/text our Resource Line (800) 565-2575



RCCMHC partners with the Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative to host virtual resource events several times per year. 


Learn about county and community-based services. Visit with local providers in virtual breakout rooms and get a Ramsey County Resource Guide. 


$20 giftcard and chance to win raffle prizes related to mental health or family wellbeing!

After you register, a Zoom link will be sent to you.

Resource Fair- Family Wellbeing & Youth Mental Health
May 22, 4:00 PM
$20 gift card for each family plus raffle prizes related to mental health. Meet local agencies, learn about services in our community and find out about tools that will help you find the best supports for your family. One Stop Shopping- avoid long lines, wait times, and telephone tag.
Take a walk down memory lane

RCCMHC hosted our first in-person resource fair in 2010. Since then, the fair has grown into a virtual resource event that is held several times each year. Our Family Wellbeing Fairs offer one-stop shopping access to local services and supports such as: child/adult mental health, school support, faith and cultural connections, basic needs and financial support, chemical health, nutrition and physical health, youth services and mentoring, case management, juvenile corrections, advocacy and legal support, job training/ vocational connections etc.


In addition to traditional services, several agencies offer healing practices and/or cultural adaptations of evidence-based practices. Some examples include: sensory-based therapies such as music or art therapies, yoga, mindfulness, self-regulation, and Eastern healing practices such as acupuncture.