Meet Our Family Support Specialists

Our Family Support Specialists provide youth/family screenings and therapy appointment setting, resource navigation, resilience coaching and coping skills practice, care coordination, and care team planning. They can also help you get registered for trainings, wellness events, resource fairs, youth activities and more!

Anne Divinski.jpg

Anne Divinski

800-565-2575, ext. 700

Edward Stockard.jpg

Edward Stockard

800-565-2575, ext. 703


Isabelle Barr

800-565-2575, ext.706

Paola 3.png

Paola Campos

800-565-2575, ext.713


Sade Kelly

800-565-2575, ext.711


Deyra Escudero

800-565-2575, ext.701


Elaine Woods

800-565-2575, ext.704

Julianne Herrera.jpg

Julianne Herrera

800-565-2575, ext.707


Pierre Fulford

800-565-2575, ext. 709


Tania Acevedo Garcia

800-565-2575, ext. 712

Donnell Bratton Sr.jpg

Donnell Bratton Sr.

800-565-2575, ext.702

Elisa 2.jpg

Elisa Douglas

800-565-2575, ext.705

Kalina Chang.jpeg

Kalina Chang

800-565-2575, ext. 708

Quivale Roberts.jpg

Quivale Roberts

800-565-2575, ext. 710