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RCCMHC is a place for you to get information on youth mental health, connections to community resources, hope, and support!

We are grateful that we can still connect with you through email, texting, phone and online get-togethers. It was also fun to see some of you as we dropped off CALM care packages or Boxes of Hope.  
On this page, we will show you how to find some resources on our Community Bulletin Boards and Website.  If you are new to RCCMHC- please reach out to say hello. We are here to help!

Wendy  & Holly

Virtual Resource Fairs

We are coming together to share resources and services that are available right now (no wait times.) Families can choose to meet with individual agencies and/or resource navigators. We will meet via Zoom. 

​Tuesday, December 15 (3:00 to 4:30 pm)

NEW! Trainings & Family Events

RCCMHC has added something for every week of the month! Check out our updated Mental Health 101 series, our Extended Learning 2.0, Wellness Wednesdays, Family Nights, and Moodie Mondays (just for youth!) There is something for everyone! Most trainings and events offer gift cards, tangible tools, and community resource connections. 

Text the word FAMILY to 56525

Just enter the number 56525 into the place on your cell phone where you usually enter a phone number and then text us the word FAMILY. This will allow you to text us your questions.


You can also sign up to get text message notices about resources and RCCMHC family activities. We will text you about Tuesday Game Nights, online family trainings, new resources, care packages, and virtual meetings! 


NOTE: this is not a Crisis Line. If you need immediate help, call Mental Health First Aid (below.)

Mental Health First Aid

Visit this page to find crisis mental health resources and other ideas to support your children and family. 

Struggling to cope with the stress of daily life, parenting or the new challenges of COVID-19? Worried about family or friends? Concerned you don’t have food or basic supplies? Multi-cultural staff. Spanish, Arabic and Hmong speaking. 

Children's Crisis Response  (Ramsey County)


Urgent Care for Adult Mental Health 



Virtual Calm Room

Are you feeling overwhelmed and full of emotions?

Is your brain racing? 


Take a vacation from your stress-  visit our virtual Calm Room.

Community Bulletin Board

These Boards have it all! Where else can you find FREE groceries, rental assistance and mental health supports while you also play pictionary against a robot, float down a lazy river, listen to Michelle Obama read a book, learn how to tap dance or rock out with a cardio jam session?? 

  1. Adult Board  (for parents, schools, and local agencies)

  2. Teen Board (for ages 13+)

  3. Youth Board (for kids of all ages)


NEW: Each Bulletin Board is updated with new resources throughout the day.  Do YOU know about a helpful resource--- you can help your community by adding it to the Bulletin Board!

Bulletin Board.JPG

Family Trainings and Events

Join us for virtual trainings and events or watch recorded trainings on your own. Click on the link to learn more about:

  • Tuesday Trainings

  • Wellbeing Wednesdays

  • Family Nights

  • Fun and Respite Events

  • and more!

Cultural Brokers

The Cultural Broker Program is an initiative of the East Side Health and Well-Being Collaborative.  A Cultural Broker can link people to culturally responsive supports and resources. 

African American Community  (651-347-6618)

Indigenous/Native American Community  (651-802-1194)

Hmong Community  (651-470-3210)

Karen Community   (651-238-3505)

Latino/a/x Community  (612-297-5328)

Safe Families

Safe Families provides support through local faith communities. This program is FREE and voluntary. “Circles of Support” include online Healing Circles, a resource friend, a family friend, a family coach, a service friend, and a temporary host home if-needed. If a parent/caregiver gets sick with the Coronavirus, Safe Families can help the family think through options and make plans. Families can self-refer. Call 1-888-290-7590 ext 0. (or dial ext 2 for the Safe Families FRIEND LINE)  

NEW:  Faith group volunteers are offering van transportation, food/supplies and help getting medication. Call 651-243-1792  (Overcomer Church will connect families as-needed.) 

Mental Health 101 Blog

Check out our new blogs! You will recognize some of our new blog writers as past trainers, family engagement staff, or group leaders from our monthly trainings...


  • Protecting Your Child's Mental Health in 2020

  • Lighten Up: Stress Busters for Families During COVID

  • I Am Not My Diagnosis

  • Resilience

  • How the Brain Works

  • and more!


Youth Mental Health

Visit this page to find youth mental health resources and services. Find a searchable list of mental health and family wellbeing agencies. 

Family Care Organizer

An "All in One Place" Family Care Organizer can make it easier for you to organize paperwork, keep track of changes, and share information with mental health professionals, doctors, child care, school, and family members etc.  Just fill out the forms and save to a folder on Google Drive or to a flashdrive or personal computer.


Online Care Binder.JPG

Coronavirus CALM Family Plan

Click on the button at the right to download our new Familiy Crisis Planning Worksheets for COVID-19.  These worksheets can be used with the emergency medical forms and other pages found in our online Family Care Binder (described above.)

Family Library

Visit our online Family Library to read detailed information about specific mental health disorders, related challenges and strategies that work!


Connect With Us

Schedule a Zoom Talk with Holly

  • Mondays (1:30-2:30pm) and Thursdays (10:00-11:00am)

  • Holly Brabeck, our new Family Engagement Director will offer resources, connections and support.


Email ​  (Family Engagement Director) 763-339-7628 (Executive Director)  612-499-1121


Use the chat box at the bottom of this page.

Text the word FAMILY to 56525

What else have we been up to?  

So far, we've delivered 80+ CALM carepackages to RCCMHC families. Each package contains customized mental health, wellbeing, and coping tools for the adult(s), kids/teens, and the whole family.  Over the next month, we will be working with our school district and county partners to reach an additional 260+ families.  We are also working with our school district partners on a self care initiative to "help the helpers." We are delivering 70 self-care kits and extra resources to support frontline staff working with families in crisis.

A Message From Your Co-Chair, Jacinta Moss

May 25, 2020


Hello RCCMHC Families!  I want to welcome new familes and say hello to our old families. I can’t wait to see you all again. I miss your beautiful families and running around the Boys and Girls Club with your kids. I hope during this time you are still trying to stay connected with RCCMHC so that we can all support each other and so that you can get the help that your families need. Words can’t even say how much I miss you all. I hope to see more of you on Tuesday nights from 6:30- 7:30 on zoom for Family Game Night and some education/training events.  I hope most parents and kids are getting some self-care and family time and space from each other. I miss you all and can not wait to be seeing y'all beautiful and handsome faces!


Much Love to You All! 

Co-Chair Jacinta Moss

Jacinta Moss Co-Chairs the Family Services Committee with Aerine Caerwyn. She also serves as a Parent Representative on the RCCMHC Governing Board. Jaicinta also serves on the RCCMHC Finance Committe and Chairs the Impact and Outcomes Committee. 

A Message From Your Co-Chair, Aerine Caerwyn

May 26, 2020


Hey RCCMHC families, it's been a while!  My family really misses your families, hanging out and talking.  Our world changed this year in a dramatic way, and every day seems like a struggle.  RCCMHC is here to be that light at the end of the tunnel, to be HOPE.  Things will get back to normal, and until they do, we're all here, working, advocating for families and children with disabilities.  We are learning to connect over zoom and email, and doing our best to stay connected.  When we all come back together, what a celebration that will be!  Until then, lets keep zooming and interacting.  We can get through this together.  I love you all.

Co-Chair Aerine Caerwyn

Aerine Caerwyn Co-Chairs the Family Services Committee with Jacinta Moss. She also serves as a Parent Representative on the RCCMHC Governing Board and is the 2020 Board Chair. Aerine also serves on the Executive Committee and Impact and Outcomes Committee.