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RCCMHC Advisory Council

We are currently meeting via Zoom on 3rd Thursdays during the school year.  This is an open meeting. ALL are welcome!  Contact Wendy Goodman for more information:   (800) 565-2575

Description and Committee Charge

The RCCMHC Advisory Council is an opportunity for the community (providers, leaders, and families) to guide and inform the work of the RCCMHC through recommendations to the Governing Board.


  • Members advise the Governing Board on evidence-based, practice-informed, and community-defined approaches, including promising practices which may be new or emerging.

  • Members identify needs and develop recommendations for addressing service gaps.

  • Members network and share information with each other.

  • Members collaborate in cross-disciplinary training to increase commonality in purpose and improve service coordination and integration.

  • Members collaborate to identify and share resources across systems. 

Working from Home

All are welcome! Come as you are. Join with or without video or call in. Your time is appreciated.

Meeting and Training Schedule   PAUSED UNTIL APRIL 2023 (see below)

The Advisory Council meets via Zoom on 3rd Thursdays (3:00 to 5:00) We alternate months with the Cultural Outreach Committee because many people attend both Advisory and Cultural Outreach.  

RCCMHC hosts FREE trainings during our meetings. Each meeting has a 1.5-hour training and Q&A discussion as well as 30 min RCCMHC committee business.  CEUs are usually available.  

To get the Zoom link for these meetings and free trainings, please register here.

Committee Leadership and Members

Committee Chair: Dr. Richard Oni


The RCCMHC Advisory Council is an open meeting. Everyone is welcome- parents/caregivers, providers, community members, county and school representatives etc. 

Have you been wondering why we haven't met lately?


In the last many months, our collaborative has grown in response to the enormous mental health needs in our community. At the same time, we've been working with a reduced staff so we had to prioritize our work and pause some of our trainings/committees. Since October, we've added 250+ new families. We've also added several new family support specialists. 

We are excited to start meeting again in April 2023.

  • Email us your recommendations for training topics and agenda ideas

  • Please consider Chairing or Co-Chairing this Committee. As Chair, you would have a seat on our Governing Board where you would act as a representative of the committee to our system partners.  Your time is valuable- starting this year, chairs will receive an honorarium for your work. 

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