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over 80 tools to distract, relax and help you cope... 

Breathing Bubble

Follow along with a breathing meditation to help you calm down or center your thinking. 


We hold stress and anxiety in our bodies. Movement can reduce stress chemicals and increase feel-good chemicals in our body.  It can also make our brain’s “fight or flight” system less reactive in the future. 


Calm Sounds, Music and More!

Visit this web page for calm sounds, music, meditations and stories. If you don't want to log in, just click on the word "skip" in the upper right hand corner. This is also available as a free app for your phone. 


Online Art

Coloring is a great way to calm and distract yourself.  Empty your mind of worries as you focus on your picture.


 Don't have any coloring books or markers at home? That's ok! You can color and do art activities online. 


Virtual Reality Hot Air Balloon

Click on this Hallmark video and watch through Youtube. (Turn down your volume- it beeps loudly at first.) Listen to the music quietly while you virtually soar through the air.  Use the arrows in the top left corner to look up/down or left/right.


Play a Game


Play a creative game that distracts your brain. This one is a quick drawing game that works great on a phone or touchscreen tablet. But, you can also use your mouse pad.

Take Your Shoes Off!

If you are feeling stressed out, anxious or sad... focus on your feet and how they feel on the ground. You can try this outside or inside

Eat a Perspective Cookie

The next time you're feeling  stressed out or upset... try to see the situation from a different angle. You might even pretend you are filming a movie about your life. Is there a different way that you could think about what you are experiencing?

15 Min Physical Activity

Sometimes, the best way to distract ourselves and re-set is to get moving and sweat. Let your emotions come out through your body.  Try to spend 15 to 20 minutes on physical activity.


Stay Connected

Stay connected to your support network of friends and family.  Send a free ecard, mail a letter, text/call, or video chat. Make someone smile with a thank you note or silly message. It will make you feel good too.


Daily Motivation & Habit Tracker

Daily routines can help us feel better. Try this gentle coaching tool to help you build routines to become your best self.   Free App

Let Go

Use this meditation to let go of future worries and stay in the now. 


Play an Instrument

Distract yourself by playing the virtual piano. Play faster or slower depending on your mood. 

Getting Through Hard Times


If you are going through a really hard time, you can try a strategy called I.M.P.R.O.V.E.   Watch this video learn how it works.  You can also call 651-266-7878 to get free help from Ramsey County Crisis Response.

DIY Sensory Bottles

Use items that you have at home to make fidgets or sensory items like these bottles. 


Journal or Diary

Customize a FREE online journal. There are lots to try: food diary, health diary, dream journal, reflective journal, prayer journal and more!


Try this 10-minute yoga practice with Adriene and her dog, Benji! You can find more of their FREE videos on YouTube. Benji even has his own animated videos


Reflexology is a traditional medicine used to improve health through pressure point massage. Give it a try- even if you do not believe in the science, the massage will feel great!

Woman Sitting on Roof


Visit the "Isle of Calm" to stream 6 hours of free music.  You'll find classical, folk, jazz, ambient, pop, blues, soul, hip-hop, indie-rock and more! Or... make your own playlist of songs that help you feel calm.

Create a Calm Space

Create a calm down space for each person in your home. 

Click here to see a "fort" that Jacinta Moss created for her son. She hung a blanket and added calming activities. He loves it! (Jacinta is Co-Chair of our Family Service Committee.)


Scents & Emotions 

Think about how a lemon smells...or cookies just out of the oven or freshly mowed grass. How does it make you feel? Certain scents can help us feel calm or happy. Give it a try with some items that you have at home!

Butterfly Hug

This technique works for kids AND adults! It can hep reduce anxiety and stress. 

Regular hugs work too! Spend some time snuggling a pet or getting/giving a hug to your family or friends.

Fidget Spinner in Action


Fidgets are another great way to calm down, relax, or distract yourself from stress. Turn down your volume and then try this virtual fidget spinner. The more you spin, you can unlock new fidget spinners. 

Watch for Thinking Traps

Sometimes we can get tricked by our own brains. We can have thoughts that make us feel stressed or sad. But we can avoid the traps if we know what to watch for. 

Bubble Wrap

The Joy of Bubble Wrap 

Popping bubble wrap can be a soothing distraction. Don't have any at home?  That's ok. Try this virtual bubble wrap.

Sacred Drumming

Many people have a tradition of sacred drumming in their culture. Drumming can be used to celebrate but it can also be use to soothe or to heal. Drum along and think about your heartbeat and the rhythm of your breath.



Blowing bubbles or blowing on a pinwheel can help us to slow down our breathing and our heart rate so that our bodies feel more calm. Download this FREE app for a virtual pinwheel. Then, blow on your cellphone and watch it spin!


Sometimes just watching a video of fluffy puppies is enough to give your mood a boost. 

Tai Chi

A very slow and peaceful movement exercise to practice awareness and focus breathing. Helpful to reduce stress and anxiety

Relax with Art Therapy

Learn more about art therapy and whole-brain healing.  Draw your emotions. 

You are Perfectly Perfect!

Sometimes I wish I had a talking mirror like the one in this video! We need to be kind to ourselves and quiet the negative talk in our minds.  Learn more about positve self talk here. 

Laughter is the best medicine!


Sometimes we don't feel like laughing. But science shows us that even when we pretend to laugh, chemicals are released in our bodies that can reduce pain and stress.

Learn More

Pine Forest

Unplug and spend some time in nature... bird song, the crunching of pine needles underfoot, the fresh smells of trees and flowers, and a gentle breeze... aaah.


The Guardians

Play a game to fight depression and improve wellbeing.  Every day you can earn new pets and rewards by doing any activity that's meaningful to you.

Have a Warm Drink

Sometimes it feels nice to hold a warm cup in our hands. Use a recipe from this video or snuggle up with your favorite warm beverage. Stay away from caffeine if possible. Try cocoa, cider, warm milk or herbal tea. 

Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink


Rocking can improve mood, reduce pain, relieve stress, and help with sleep. A rocking chair is the best... but you can also try rocking yourself in a seated position or while lying on your side. 


Try Hot or Cold

Try both of these to see what works best for you. (You might be surprised.) Some people like to use a heat pack or warm bath/shower. Other people might like to splash cool water on their face or hold an ice pack or cold bag of peas to the back of the neck. 

Try Hand Mudras


Yoga mudras are an ancient practice. Some people use yoga hand gestures as they meditate or focus their intentions. It can be a nice distraction to practice and hold these different hand shapes. 

Use a Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets and lap pads can help with anxiety, sleep etc. But they tend to be expensive. Try making your own with a stuffed animal! Add rice, beans, poly pellets or other heavy material. 

Observe Your Thoughts

Our thoughts can affect how we feel and what we do. If we are feeling overwhelmed, we can observe our thoughts with curiosity and sort through them. We can choose to respond or just let the thought go.  

change scene 2.jpg

Get a Change of Scenery

When you need to calm down or if you are feeling stuck... try changing your scenery. Go to a different room, change the lighting, add music, open a window etc. If possible, you might even go for a drive or visit a friend/family member. 

Use Touch to Feel Better

Shaving cream is an inexpensive sensory item that can help you relax. Squish it, draw in it with your finger, or use it to make marbled paper! After your paper dries, add your favorite inspirational quote. 

Find Your Wise Mind


What mind are you using right now? Your Emotion Mind... Your Reasonable Mind... or your Wise Mind? 

Turn off Fight/Flight/Freeze

Try Alternate Nostril Breathing to help stimulate parasympathetic nervous system activity. This can reduce anxiety and negative stress reactions in your body.  

Comfort Foods

What foods bring you comfort? Watch this video for some ideas. 

Do you need food or supplies for your family? Text us at 1-800-565-2575 and we will help!

Relax Muscles to Sleep or Nap

Do your muscles feel tight? Do you have trouble falling asleep? Try this simple visualization to soothe the mind and relax the body.

Your Happy Place

If you feel like you need to escape for awhile, take a vacation in your mind. Search Youtube for the word "ambiance." Visit a tropical island, a cozy cabin, an ancient library, a winter cottage, a seaside market, the Shire, Hogwarts and more!

Declutter & Get Organized 

Clutter can make us feel sad, angry or overwhelmed. Watch this video to learn some tips on how to get started. And here are 4 ways to get organized for kids and teens. 


Distract with Drawing

Let your imagination and emotions go free with this online sketchpad. Try this virtual sketchpad I like sketchy, crayon, and spraypaint :)

Strength, Courage and Wisdom

If you need a reminder that you have whatever it takes to make it- to adapt- it's been inside of you along. Listen quietly or turn it up!

Mindful Eating

This can work with any food you have at home. Engage all your senses and pay full attention to what you are eating. This is a good distraction and can also help you feel calm.

Belly Breathing

You can use a stuffed animal or anything that can sit comfortably on your stomach while you practice this mindful breathing exercise. Hint: try this at night to help you fall asleep.

Small Child with Large Glasses

Panoramic Vision

Use your eyes to turn off your stress response. TRY THIS: Look at a large area of your room or look outside. Relax your eyes to see above, below, and to the sides of you-- but keep your head still. This will tell your brain to let go of your body's hyper-vigilance and arousal to help you feel calm. Learn more about how to use your eyes to help your mental health.


Looking at images of nature can help our brains to relax and de-stress. This gets harder to do in winter. How can you bring nature indoors? Try hanging a nature photo, growing a plant, or watching a nature video.


Indoor Plants & Gardens

Indoor plants have been shown to help our moods. This Pothos plant is inexpensive, and it can survive under or over watering. It can even live in the dark! No Pothos plant? That's ok! You can also grow plants from vegetable scraps!

Fish Tank

Try to give all of your attention to the fish tank in this video.  What do you notice? How many fish can you count? Can you find the black fish?  Turn up your volume to hear the bubbles and hum of the tank.

Feel Calm & Sigh

Need a quick way to "re-set" your nervous system back to CALM? Try this easy trick. It starts with two breaths in and then one long sigh. Curious about why this works? Learn about the science here 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

When we are stressed-out, our muscles tighten up. Sometimes we have so much stress in our bodies that we don't even notice how tight our muscles have gotten!  This video will help!


Shadow's Edge Game

Become a graffiti creator, express your thoughts in your personal self-care journal and play this game to find stress relief!  Try this free app for resilience, selfcare and anti-stress.


Practice a New Skill


Our brains are not good at doing two things at the same time. So if you want to change how you are feeling, give your brain something else to think about! Visit this webiste of Extreme Indoor Activities to distract yourself and learn a new skill. 

1-Min Relaxed Breathing

This is an easy breathing exercise to try. Just do what the fish does! It only takes one minute.


Go For a Walk

Going for a walk is a great way to feel better. A mindful walk helps you to concentrate on what you see, hear and feel. Going for a walk can also help us reset the alarm/stress system in our bodies. Learn more here

Mind & Body Workout

Try this in the morning or any time you want to feel more alert, balanced, and ready to try new things.

Celestial Noise

Some people like a steady humming sound (like a fan) to help them relax.  

Relax with Bob Ross

Bob Ross was a painter on TV in the 80's. He is known for his gentle voice and happy spirit. Bob will help you remember to "just relax and let it flow." Watch the paint turn into an actual picture and remember that sometimes we need to take a step back to see a different perspective on our lives. 

Be a Rainbow

Helping others can decrease stress and increase feelings of happiness. Be a listening ear, say a kind word, help with a chore, share a skill or volunteer. Try this: do 1 extra kind action every day for 7 days and then see how you feel. 

Sleep Stories & Meditations

Listen to a Sleep Story for adults or try a CALM meditation. Kids' stories and activities are available too!

1 month free trial here

cope and kind.PNG

Coping Ideas

Click on this Coping Calendar for ideas that help us keep calm, stay wise, and be kind. 

Grit Sketch.PNG

Grit X Sketchbook

Use this virtual sketchbook to create a dream board, safe space, gratitude page, life maze and more!

Virtual Kayak

Take a virtual kayak trip and listen to the sounds of water and nature. 


Live in the moment with this calming exercise. Look around and think of 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can feel, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste.

Hopes, Dreams & Plans

Listen to a song or watch a show that makes you feel hopeful. If the present moment doesn't feel good, make some plans.  What could you look forward to this week? This month? In a few years? 


Fluid Sand Tray

Use your mouse or finger to SLOWLY trace designs in the fluid sand tray. 

Radical Acceptance


When we are hurting, we can try to fix whatever is causing the hurt. But sometimes that is out of our control. We might say--Why me?? This is not how life should be! Radical Acceptance can help us hurt less. 


Online Puzzle

Putting together a puzzle can be a soothing distraction. When you put 2 puzzle pieces together, the sound is oddly satisfying. 

Wall Pushups

Are you angry or stressed out? Physical exercise can help. But if you don't have a lot of space, you might want to try wall pushups! How many can you do? 

Be Kind to Yourself

This meditation is good for kids and adults and can be done from a chair. May I be Happy-- May I be Healthy-- May I be Safe-- May My Life Be Filled With Joy. 

Magical Relaxation

Real-life fairies! Relax to these nighttime sounds and twinkling firefly lights. 

Try the Opposite Action


To change something that you are thinking or feeling... practice doing the opposite action.  

10 Minute Meditation

Find a quiet place. Turn your volume down so that you can listen quietly. 



Science tells us that when we spend time thinking about the things we are thankful for, we re-wire our brains to be happier and more positive. Try a gratitude app, a journal or gratitude jar and see what happens in your life... 

Get Better Sleep

Our brains need good sleep. Sleep can help with moods, behaviors, and stress. This video is a relaxing bedtime ritual that you can use to calm down, relax your mind, and get better sleep. 

Use Your Imagination

Use your imagination to cope with stress. Watch this video to practice guided imagery and positive visualization. Find more stress relief resources at Change to Chill

letter photo.png

Your Future Self

We know ourselves better than anyone else does. But strong feelings can make us forget what works and what doesn't. Take time to write a letter to yourself so you can read it one day when you are feeling overwhelmed. 

Shake It Off

Try this whole-body technique to literally shake off stress and worries. This video is shared by local youth through the Irreducuble Grace Foundation.

a hand in a yellow sleeve shows three fingers on a blue background..jpg

Try This...

Select 3 ideas from the CALM Room and give them a try this week. 


At the end of the week, ask yourself if they were helpful. If they were- keep using them!  If they weren't, make a different selection and try again.  Eventually you will find tools that work just right for you. 

...Looking for More Help?

Check out this page just for YOUTH or visit our family page to find free trainings, resource navigation, peer support, care packages,  and more!  

If you are looking for local resources, try our Community Bulletin Board  

If you are struggling with mental health or if you are stressed out with life... please call 651-266-7878 to talk to someone at Ramsey County Crisis Response. They are open all the time- day and night.  And they can visit with you in person if-needed.

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