Make a Referral (or, support a self-referral)

Scroll below to make a direct referral to RCCMHC or one of our Partners.  You will find common referrals such as Crisis Stabilization, Case Management, School Linked Mental Health and Safe Families. If you have any questions, please contact Holly Brabeck, our Family and Community Engagement Director   (800) 565-2575

Ramsey County Children's Mental Health Collaborative (RCCMHC)

RCCMHC offers FREE mental health resource navigation, weekly "check-ins", trainings,  wellbeing events, leadership opportunities, CALM care packages, "tangible tools" and more!

Youth (up to age 24) must live in Ramsey County or be affiliated with a school district in Ramsey County. Qualifying youth must have a mental health diagnosis or must be struggling with emotions/behaviors that may put them at risk for a mental health diagnosis in the future.

Providers can assist a self-referral.

Families can self-refer.

Phone & Mobile Crisis Support (24/7)
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Mental health crisis workers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide counseling, support, de-escalation, crisis planning, assessments, resource connections, and non-emergency transport. In addition to providing phone support, mobile crisis teams can meet people at their homes, schools, workplaces or in the community.

Multi-cultural staff. Spanish, Arabic and Hmong speaking. 

CALL: Children's Crisis Response

651-266-7878  (24/7 phone line)

CALL: Urgent Care for Adult Mental Health


ANYONE can call for crisis help or consultation (no referral needed)

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Child Protection & Child Welfare

CALL: 24-hour phone line

  • Maltreatment or safety concerns

  • Placement of youth in a shelter 

  • Professional consultation

  • NEW: Resource connections (technology, food, basic needs, masks, parenting support), temporary placement due to caregiver incapacitation (example: caregiver has COVIID and is too ill to care for children)

ANYONE can call (no referral needed)

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Youth Crisis Stabilization
  • Support after a mental health crisis, hospitalization or ER visit. 

  • In-home follow up service that can last up to 4 weeks.

  • ONLY Mental Health Professionals can submit a referral.

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Children's Mental Health Case Management
  • To be eligible for mental health case management services, a mental health professional must determine that the child is experiencing a severe emotional disturbance. The child’s guardian must live in Ramsey County and must request or consent to services.  More info here

  • ONLY Mental Health Professionals can submit a referal.

School-Linked Mental Health Services

School-Linked Mental Health (SLMH) services are available in Ramsey County Public School Districts (ISD’s 621, 622, 623, 624, 625 and 916). SLMH connects youth with clinical mental health treatments and related supports. SLMH can be provided at school, in-office, at home, over the phone, or virtually.  

CRITERIA: SLMH services are for youth who may be struggling with emotions or behaviors that are impacting their lives at school, home or in the community. They do not need to be receiving special education services or have an individualized education plan (IEP.) 

Providers can assist a self-referral.

Families can self-refer.

Safe Families: support, respite & host homes

Safe Families provides support through local faith communities. This program is FREE and voluntary. “Circles of Support” include online Healing Circles, a resource friend, a family friend, a family coach, a service friend, and a temporary host home if-needed. If a parent/caregiver gets sick with the Coronavirus, Safe Families can help the family think through options and make plans. Families can self-refer. Call 1-888-290-7590 ext 0. (or dial ext 2 for the Safe Families FRIEND LINE) 

Providers can refer. 

Families can self-refer.

Supporting Youth and Families

Visit this page to learn more about how to support youth and families in challenging times.

  • Flow charts with warning signs and referral info 

  • Extended learning and training videos