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Member Agencies & Online Resource Swap
Each year, RCCMHC Partners and Member Agencies commit to cross-system collaboration by giving cash or in-kind resources to the RCCMHC Integrated Fund.
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Put Something in... Take Something Out

Starting in January 2020, in-kind resources will be posted on RCCMHC's Online Resource Swap.  RCCMHC Partners and Member Agencies can visit the Resource Swap to get FREE products and services related to childrens' mental health and family wellbeing. 

Visit this preview of the Online Resource Swap.

What type of in-kind services can you donate?

Agencies can share new (or slightly used) goods and professional services that support youth mental health and family wellbeing. Some examples from past years include:

  • Diagnostic Assessments

  • Therapy

  • Consultations

  • Scholarships or Conference Fees

  • Meeting or Event Space

  • Day Treatment

  • Technical Assistance (Payroll support, Grant Writing, Accounting, Marketing, Graphic/Web Design, Translating)

  • Trainings and Expert Speakers

  • Youth and Family Services (Life skills, crisis intervention, case management)

  • In-Patient (Adolescent Unit Stay, Partial Program Unit Stay)

  • Youth Activity Fees

  • Products (Lockboxes, Resource Materials/Booklets)

  • Donations for RCCMHC-ONLY (staff time to attend RCCMHC committees; meeting space for RCCMHC, slightly used binders)

When we work TOGETHER,

we can leverage a wealth of local resources and capabilities such as: funds, services, technologies, expertise, community wisdom, peer support and volunteerism.

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In the past, Member Agencies donated wonderful services to RCCMHC, but they were rarely used because very few people knew about what had been donated or how to access those donations. This online Resource Swap is a pilot project to increase the use of donated products and services.  If successful, we think the Resource Swap will enable Member Agencies to leverage existing community resources and greatly increase service access for youth and families. 



When you donate a product or service to RCCMHC, you assign a cash value to the item. Based on that cash value, we will give you points to use on the Resource Swap. 

  • For example: If you donate 1 youth program slot (M-F; one year) and you value that donation at $3,000... RCCMHC will award you 3,000 points to use on the Online Resource Swap


After RCCMHC has assigned you points, you can visit the Resource Swap and log into your "online wallet."

Your online wallet will track your points. When you spend points, they will disappear from your online wallet. 



Put items into your cart as you normally would when online shopping. When you are ready to check out, go to your online wallet and convert your points to cash. This will give you a coupon code that you can use to "pay."



After you "purchase" a donated product or service, you will receive a purchase confirmation. RCCMHC staff will connect you with the agency who donated the product or service. Member Agencies will collaborate to coordinate timely delivery of the product or service.

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Benefits of Membership
  • Access to 2019-2020 Ancillary Services Fund (to pay for non-billable services)

  • Access to 2020 RCCMHC Professional Training & Scholarship Fund

  • Access to RCCMHC’s Online Resource Swap (free products and services)

  • Free Professional Trainings                      

  • First Notice of RCCMHC Request for Proposals 

  • Listings in our Resource Guide and on our Website                             

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Remember- each time you donate in-kind services to RCCMHC, you will be assigned more points to spend on the Online Respource Swap! So, please be generous and give often. A fully stocked Resource Swap Store will increase access to services and supports for youth and families!
Please contact RCCMHC Executive Director, Wendy Goodman, if you have any questions.
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