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Mental Health Disorders Are Common!

Before the pandemic, 20% youth had a mental health disorder that affected their life at home, school or in the community. But a 2021 poll of Ramsey County youth showed that more than 70% are struggling

The good news is that mental health disorders can be treated and managed. And many youth with challenging emotions or behaviors just need some extra coping tools and supports. 

RCCMHC can help!

When we work TOGETHER, we can build a community where all youth have the strengths, skills, relationships, supports, and opportunities that they need to experience mental health and wellbeing. 

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Get Help 



Find crisis and hospital resources.


Learn about youth mental health disorders, treatment, and local supports. Use a search tool to find local mental health services, or downloard our free Family Care Organizer. 

Get Involved 



Find out how you can participate in work groups to impact policy and improve outcomes for youth in Ramsey County. 


Get involved with our advocacy efforts at the legislative level.  Learn about parent and youth leadership opportunities.

Get to know
"The Whole Story"


Children’s Mental Health: The Whole Story is a locally-produced, documentary-style training film about children’s mental health and trauma.


Both the Guide and the Film are available for free download. 


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"Supporting Mental Health 
in Challenging Times"


Because complex needs require a complex, multi-system response. 
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