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A 2020 Message from the Executive Director & Board Chair

Welcome to RCCMHC, the Children's Mental Health Collaborative for Ramsey County.  Our world changed this year in a dramatic way. COVID-19, the death of George Floyd, politics, and recent protests/riots have deeply affected our lives. Youth, caregivers, and service providers are all struggling. 


Our collaborative is a FAMILY that leans on each other. We use our collective strengths to support one another.  And, we focus on hope because our work is now more important than ever!  

Although our in-person meetings are temporarily on-hold, we continue to offer support and resources through texting, phone, and email. We are holding virtual meetings, trainings, and wellbeing activities. And, we have trippled our efforts to provide access to online supports and time-sensitive resources.

Please share your strengths with your Collaborative family. And, remember to lean on us when you need support.

Wendy Goodman

RCCMHC Executive Director

Aerine Caerwyn

RCCMHC Family Service Co-Chair & Governing Board Chair

Mental Health Disorders Are Common!

1  out of  5 youth has a mental health disorder that negatively impacts life at school, at home, and in the community.​  

The good news is that childhood mental health disorders can be treated and managed!

When we work TOGETHER, we can build a community where all youth have the strengths, skills, relationships, supports, and opportunities that they need to experience mental health and wellbeing. 


Because complex needs require a complex, multi-system response. 
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Get Information 



Concerned Adults: Learn about Children's Mental Health disorders, treatment, and resources. 


Agencies and Providers: Learn about evience-based and promising practices, find journal articles to support your grant writing, and get connected to local trainings.

Get Involved 



Learn about parent and youth leadership opportunities. Find out how you can participate in work groups to impact policy and improve outcomes for youth in Ramsey County. 


Get involved with our advocacy efforts at the legislative level.

Get to know
"The Whole Story"


Children’s Mental Health: The Whole Story is a locally-produced, documentary-style training film about children’s mental health and trauma.

Both the Guide and the Film are available for free download. Find more information here.



Mental Health Services

NEW in December 2020! This searchable list of local agencies will help you find mental health and wellbeing services. You can also search for "Available Now" (no wait times) and "In-Person" services. 

Time-Sensitive Resources

For years, parents and providers have described the need for an online list of local and time-sensitive services, events, trainings, job opportunities, and notices etc. So, we developed three Community Bulletin Boards- one for Adults, Teens, and Youth!

Coronavirus- CALM

We're entering into the unknown and that can be scary for anyone. But, it's even harder when one or more family members has a mental health disorder....

Find resources, strategies and connections for families on our blog. 

Donate- Share- Volunteer

Click HERE to see how you can make a difference with RCCMHC!

Call or Text:  1-800-565-2575

Wendy Goodman

Holly Brabeck