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101 Workshop

Supporting Mental Health in Challenging Times

These presentations were originally developed for non-mental health staff who work with youth or families but they may also be a useful refresher for mental health professionals. Several of the videos include role plays and group discussion suggestions for agencies who may want to use these as a group staff training. And, workshop 3B (a review of RCCMHC tools and local resources) could be helpful for anyone who works with youth or families!


Please reach out to us if you have any questions or if you would like us to schedule a "live" presentation.   Call or text 800-565-7575  If the videos are running slowly, please download to watch. 

If you don't have time to watch the videos, scroll down to the yellow lightbulb to download the workshop powerpoint with clickable links to resources. (We add slides to keep this up-to-date with the best resources.)


Get to know RCCMHC and review the agenda for the three workshops. 

7 minutes


Workshop 1

Understanding Youth Mental Health and Trauma. Learn about symptoms, red flags & warning signs, youth/family experiences and mental health impacts since COVID.  54 minutes

No 1.PNG

Workshop 2

Learn the 3 R’s of mindfulness to increase family engagement and manage our own personal stress reactions. Hear from families about "Whole Family Wellbeing" and the need for Understanding, Empathy & Hope. Discuss de-escalation strategies and how to respond to youth/families in crisis. 1 hr. 24 min

No 2.PNG

Workshop 3 A

Strengthen Families with coping strategies and resources for mind-body health promotion. Hear from youth/families about the the impact on the family system and the need for a strengths based approach. Apply this understanding to screening tools like the Eco Map.  53 min.

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Workshop  3B

Learn how to use tools on the RCCMHC website: virtual CALM Room, Family Care Organizer, Bulletin Board, the Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative Resource guide, etc. We will practice a parent-guided Resource Navigation tool and review the Supporting Youth & Families in Challenging Times guide. This presentation ends with final words from youth/families. 1 hr. 22 min.

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Workshop Resources


Click on this button to download a pdf of the full workshop which includes clickable links for all of the extended learning and resources that were presented.  (We add slides to keep this powerpoint updated with the best resources.)

More Recorded Trainings


Visit this page to watch past professional trainings that have been offered by our community partners and local experts.  You will find presentations on De-escalation, Chemical Health, Trauma Informed Must be Race Informed, Crisis Response in a Pandemic, Heal the Healer and more!

Online Class

Support Families in Crisis


Increased stress and isolation are leading to increased mental health, substance use, and maltreatment issues... so more families are experiencing crises and need support. 

Visit this page to find printable resources on navigating Ramsey County services, crisis warning signs and intervention strategies. 

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