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"Hi! How are you doing?"

Some time in May, I stopped asking this automatic greeting to my colleagues. I logged into a Zoom meeting and found myself alone with one person. Both of us were a few minutes early and our other meeting attendees had not joined us yet. I smiled and asked, "How are you doing?" The long pause and the look on my colleague's face said it all. But instead, she answered "Good. How are you?" As we talked a bit more, it became clear that she was not doing well at all. In fact, she shared that she was barely holding it together. It reminded me of visiting the doctor's office. Nose dripping and chest wheezing, we wait to be seen. And when a doctor arrives with a smile and says, "Hi! How are you doing today?" We inevitably answer, "Good. How are you?"

But we are not doing well. We are not doing well at all.

So, I told myself that when there is not enough time to listen, I will stop using this empty greeting. Instead I will say, "It's nice to see you" or "It's good to hear your voice." But, I will also prioritize more time to listen. I will intentionally find opportunites to hold spaces of healing, belonging, and hope. During those times, I will ask "How are you really doing?" and I will give time to hear an authentic reply. Because helpers need help too.

Where can helpers go for help?

NOTE: the resources listed below may use the term "health care workers." We have confirmed that they are also available for crisis mental health staff, school linked mental health staff, mental health providers/therapists, child protection staff, case managers, social workers, and paramedics. Many are available for teachers or family-service staff.

Free Service Call to speak with someone in a safe, anonymous and confidential environment between 9am and 9pm. Minnesota Psychiatric Society is teaming with the MN Psychological Association, the MN Black Psychologists Association, and Mental Health MN to offer 20-minute support services calls to support you during these times of high stress. 1-833-437-3466 Available for ALL

MN Mental Health Advocates: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created a new FREE program to support healthcare workers in accessing mental health resources. Contact us at or 651-321-2340 for more information.

Crew Care is a free mobile app and online resources originally desgned by and for Fire/EMS but now also available to healthcare workers.

Peer RX: Join with your own "Buddy" or have one assigned to you. PeerRx is a FREE, peer-to-peer program for physicians and others working in health care (or, mental health care.) It is designed to provide support, connection, encouragement, resources, and skill-building in order to help participants advance along the Burnout to Thriving Index (Burnout —> Surviving —> Fine —> Well —> Thriving) toward optimal well-being, however you would define that state for yourself. The foundation of the PeerRxMed™ program is PeerRx90, also known as PRx90™, which is structured to support paired clinicians through a “buddy system” and provide a platform to facilitate encouragement, accountability, and mutual support/growth.

Project Parachute aims to provide PRO-BONO therapy for front line health care professionals. Due to licensing board regulations, therapists have to be licensed in the state you reside in to provide telehealth services. Please choose the state you currently live in to see all therapists licensed in that state. Then, select a therapist with availability that most closely matches yours. The therapist will contact you directly to schedule an appointment. Individual and Group therapy options.

Walk-In Counseling Center offers free and anonymous counseling services. Due to COVID-19, all clinics are now phone or virtual. Counseling is for individuals, couples, or families. No appointment or insurance needed. Available for ALL.

Virtual Calm Room Over 60 virtual tools and ideas to distract, relax, and help you cope.

Self Care Isn't Selfish Ideas for providers to help you practice self-compassion.

Visit our pre-recorded training page to find: Heal the Healer (presented by Dr. Aja King) How to heal compassion fatigue and burnout associated with our current community stresses. All strategies are presented through a lens of culture and cultural healing.

Ramsey County Children's Mental Health Collaborative (RCCMHC)

  • Do you need help finding resources for a family? Is there a community need that we could help to address? Do you just want to vent? Text us at 1-800-565-2575. Your comments will be private and confidential.


Thank you for your long hours and hard work.

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