FREE Help for Helpers

NOTE: sometimes the resources below use the term "health care workers." We have confirmed that they are also available for crisis mental health staff, school linked mental health staff, mental health providers/therapists, child protection staff, case managers, social workers, and paramedics.

MN Mental Health Advocates

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created a new FREE program to support healthcare workers in accessing mental health resources. Contact us at or 651-321-2340 for more information.

Peer RX

Join with your own "Buddy" or have one assigned to you. PeerRx is a FREE, peer-to-peer program for physicians and others working in health care designed to provide support, connection, encouragement, resources, and skill-building in order to help participants advance along the Burnout to Thriving Index (Burnout —> Surviving —> Fine —> Well —> Thriving) toward optimal well-being, however you would define that state for yourself. The foundation of the PeerRxMed™ program is PeerRx90, also known as PRx90™, which is structured to support paired clinicians through a “buddy system” and provide a platform to facilitate encouragement, accountability, and mutual support/growth.

Project Parachute

We aim to provide PRO-BONO therapy for front line health care professionals. Due to licensing board regulations, therapists have to be licensed in the state you reside in to provide telehealth services. Please choose the state you currently live in to see all therapists licensed in that state. Then, select a therapist with availability that most closely matches yours. The therapist will contact you directly to schedule an appointment.

A Free Retreat

This free online retreat runs through May 20 & you can join in anytime.


Please let us know if you have FREE help for helpers that we can list on this blog.