Non-Billable Services Bank

RCCMHC Partners and Member Agencies can submit funding requests on a first come-first served basis throughout the year, as long as funds are available. With each request, RCCMHC will award up to $2,000 to support non-billable family engagement and social emotional learning related to children’s mental health. 

COVID-19 UPDATE: RCCMHC Partners and Member Agencies can apply for funds to provide non-billable youth mental health services and supports.

We hope this will support you to serve families in creative ways while practicing physical distancing. This may include nonbillable telehealth, client phone check-ins and coaching, and mental health services that are not covered in treatment plans etc. 


Non-Billable Services Bank (Policy)


The following services are examples of non-billable/ ancillary services related to Family Engagement or Social Emotional Learning

  • "Whole family” services

  • Consultation with parent, teacher etc.

  • Care coordination 

  • Travel 

  • School conferences 

  • Meeting prior to DA 

  • Screening 

  • Child-specific observation 

  • Structured mentor-based program

  • Small group SEL, SST, CBT

  • Cultural Supports; Traditional healing practices and community-defined approaches

  • Restorative Practices/Circles

  • Curriculum or specific materials needed to offer family engagement/ SEL services

  • Food or gift card stipends to encourage participation