RCCMHC Partners and Member Agencies can submit funding requests on a first come-first served basis throughout the year, as long as funds are available. With each request, RCCMHC will award up to $2,000 to support non-billable family engagement and social emotional learning related to children’s mental health. 

UPDATE: We have expanded the criteria for the Bank. RCCMHC Partners and Local Agencies can apply for funds to provide non-billable youth mental health services and supports. In particular, we want to support you to serve families in creative ways during COVID-19. Examples may include nonbillable telehealth, client phone check-ins and coaching, mental health and trauma services that are not covered in treatment plans, mental health/wellbeing tools or care packages etc.

Non-Billable Services Bank


The following services are examples of non-billable/ ancillary services related to Family Engagement or Social Emotional Learning

  • "Whole family” services

  • Consultation with parent, teacher etc.

  • Care coordination 

  • Travel 

  • School conferences 

  • Meeting prior to DA 

  • Screening 

  • Child-specific observation 

  • Structured mentor-based program

  • Small group SEL, SST, CBT

  • Cultural Supports; Traditional healing practices and community-defined approaches

  • Restorative Practices/Circles

  • Curriculum or specific materials needed to offer family engagement/ SEL services

  • Food or gift card stipends to encourage participation