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Emergency Mental Health

This page describes the difference between a mental health emergency and a mental health crisis. It explains the criteria for inpatient hospitalization and offers suggestion for what to do if you have to take your child to the hospital. You can also find a list of inpatient providers for youth. 

Mental Health Crisis

A child's mental health crisis can be scary. Without intervention, a crisis can quickly become an emergency. Click here to find local crisis intervention and same day or walk-in services. Learn how you can make a crisis plan and find other ideas to support your child/ family. 

Search Tool

This page has a searchable list of local agencies that offer mental health and family support services.

Family Trainings and Support
Holding Hands

RCCMHC offers FREE trainings, wellness events, resource navigation, care coordination, resilience coaching, peer support, and appointment setting for Rapid Access or Short Term Therapy.

Community Bulletin Board
Bulletin Board.jpg

Each Bulletin Board is updated with local and time-sensitive resources such as Mental Health, Basic Needs, Parenting, Legal, Fun Activities, and Trainings. 

Adult, Teen, Youth, Early Childhood


Online Library 

Visit our Online Library to find mental health 101 factsheets, stories, online booklets, and worksheets. 


Do YOU have information to share? Send us a link or a pdf and we will add it to the library!

Family Care Organizer
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A Family Care Organizer will make it easier for you to organize paperwork, keep track of changes, and share information with mental health professionals, doctors, child care, school, and other family members etc.

The Youth Mental Health Blog
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Welcome to our blog. During these challenging times, we bring together community members and our system partners to struggle, mourn, celebrate, innovate and learn together as a collaborative family.  

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