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Task Groups



The RCCMHC Board may establish ad hoc committees, which will serve as temporary committees formed for specific needs.  Meeting dates and zoom links are listed below. To participate in a virtual task group, please email or call/text (800) 565-2575  We can send you a calendar invitation with monthly reminders. 

​NOTE: RCCMHC and SRFC have joined or expanded virtual task group meetings that have goals of youth mental health and family wellbeing.  More information can be found on the SRFC website: Team Tools.

School Linked Mental Health (SLMH) Task Group

The SLMH task group was developed to advise the RCCMHC Governing Board on needs, gaps, and SLMH contracts.  Since 2020, our task group has merged with the SRFC task group and DHS grantees to hold countywide virtual SLMH meetings. Other participants include MACMH and MDE.

The county-wide group meets 1:00 to 2:30 pm on the last Thursday of most months. 

Crisis Response Task Group

The EMS & CMH task group was created to improve our multi-system response to children's mental health crises at home, at school, or in the community. In particular, the RCCMHC Board was concerned with youth experiences between home/school and ER. RCCMHC partnered with SRFC to address needs and gaps and to develop new tools, communication strategies and policies. This group is currently focused on the large increase in youth mental health acuity, youth boarding in ERs and lack of beds for inpatient/ residential.

The county-wide group meets 2:00 to 3:30 pm on the last Tuesday of most months. 

Emergency Vehicles

Search the CMH Crisis Response Task Group folder to view task group notes, presentations, reports, and other  documents.

Would you like to join the next Crisis Task Group meeting? Contact Wendy 

Resource Navigation Task Group

The Resource Navigation Task Group was developed by SRFC and is a combination of several of their groups (Community Social Workers/Community Resource Navigators, Homework Starts with Home Housing Navigator & Case Aide.)

Today, this online group includes RCCMHC and MHealth Fairview's Eastside Community Health and Wellness Collaborative (Cultural Brokers.) System providers meet to share time-sensitive resources. The group meets from 10 to 11:00 on the last Wednesday of every month. 

Search the Resource Navigation folder to view task group notes, presentations, reports, and other  documents.

Back view of female employee speak talk

We share resources from this group here:

  1. The RCCMHC Community Bulletin Board

  2. The SRFC Resource Directory 

Would you like to join the next Resource Navigation meeting? 

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