Governing Board

Description and Committee Charge


The Governing Board is the ultimate decision-making body of the Collaborative. The Board defines and safeguards the organizational mission through policies and planning objectives. It determines resources required to achieve objectives and accounts to its constituents and to the public for its expenditure of funds and for all services provided. 

Day, Time and Location

The Governing Board meets on the 4th Friday of most months. We are currently meeting via Zoom.  For more information and a link to join the public meeting, visit our online calendar

Governing Board Folder

Search the Governing Board folder to view 2020 Board Minutes, Agenda, Treasurer's Report, Presentations and other Board documents according to month. 

During COVID-19, we are maintaining a Public Discussion Board.  Board members can comment on agenda items before our Zoom meeting. Community members are able to view this discussion and they are able to post in the Public Comment section.  RCCMHC Governing Board Public Discussion

Governing Board Members 2020


Governing Board members are appointed, elected, or nominated for a term of three years. The exception to this rule is that youth Board members may be elected for a one-year term. Elected and nominated Board members shall have a term limit of two consecutive three-year terms.

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2020 Board Officers

Board Chair: Aerine Caerwyn

Vice Chair: Alton Brown

Past Chair: Dan Porter

Treasurer: Kathy Lombardi-Kimani

Secretary: Jim McDonough