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CALM Toolkit


Throughout the year, we will help you build your family's CALM "tool kit" with items you have at home and items that we give away at programs and classes.

CALM tools can be used with these strategies: 

  • Relax and Self-Soothe

  • Distract

  • Sensory (touch, taste, smell, see, hear etc.)

  • Movement

  • Thinking or Processing

If you participated in a Tuesday 2.0 Training or a Moodie Monday, please order your supplies by clicking on the button below.

Choose Your Free CALM Toolkit Supplies


Ask your child’s social worker, teacher, therapist, or skills worker if there are certain tools that they use with your child. Then… you can get the same thing to practice at home! 


Need help with your order? Text us at 800-565-2575

How Can RCCMHC Help? 

Our Family Support staff can help you (or, you and your child) practice using these tools or other strategies from our virtual CALM Room.

Click here to learn more about other free supports:

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