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Online Family Care Organizer

An "All in One Place" Family Care Organizer can make it easier for you to organize paperwork, keep track of changes, and share information with mental health professionals, doctors, child care, school, and family members etc. 


Click on any of the 9 categories below to view the fillable forms.  Then, save your forms to a folder on Google Drive or to a flashdrive or personal computer (see instructions below.) 


Includes Table of Contents

Little Boy Playing Doctor

Includes history, Emergency Health forms, and visit summary


Includes family story, eco maps, youth strengths 

Holding Hands

Includes emergency contacts, local agencies, and support network

A Girl in a Classroom

Includes IEP worksheets and beginning of the year checklist

Wooden Dinning Table

Includes money tracking, budget worksheets, and meal plans 

Cute Planner

Includes phone logs, appointment notes, and To-Do Lists

bigstock-Happy-young-family RESIZED.jpg

Includes crisis plans,  mood tracker, communication sheets, and more!


Includes parent self care, wellness tracker, and calm down toolkit

Don't Know Where to Start?

RCCMHC can help! Call or Text (800) 565-2575 


We can set up your Online Care Organizer and help you fill it out. We can help you find providers and/or connect the providers you already have.  We can also help you create a plan for better "care team" communication.  Ask about our Whole-Family Support which includes FREE short-term Care Coordination and Resource Navigation!  Learn More 

Are you "old school"?  Would you rather use paper instead of an online folder? Learn More

Are you a provider with questions about information sharing or health records?  Learn More

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Connect Your Care Team with Online Folders

Example: Online Google Folder

If you save your Care Organizer to a Google Drive folder, this is what it could look like. 

Sample Family Drive.png

FIRST: Set Up Your Online Care Team Folders

Copy and paste the folder names and icons (below) onto 8 new folders in your Google Drive. (You might need to use ctrl C and ctrl V to copy and paste each folder name.) Then, add items to each folder. 

**Signed 📝  Add signed releases to this folder

**TEAM📩  Add a Google Doc for Team Communication.  See sample

Family 💕  Add the Our Family section of our Care Organizer

Home 🏠  Add the Home Management section of our Care Organizer

Medical 🩺  Add the Medical section of our Care Organizer

Mental Health 😃  Add the Mental Health section of our Care Organizer 


School 🏫  Add the School section of our Care Organizer

Wellbeing 🌿 Add the Wellbeing section of our Care Organizer 

Add the Calendar and Notes section of our Care Organizer

Add the Contacts section of our Care Organizer

NEXT: Invite your Care Team 

  • Select the 3 dots next to your folder and click "share"

  • YOU control what folders to share and who to share it with (providers, family members, or anyone else.)  

MH Folder.png
Safeguard Your Private Information 

Remember to safeguard your private information!  This new online format makes it very easy to update and share information so please remember to be careful with your private data. When possible, make your online folders "private" and only give access to people you trust. 

Edit and Sign Documents

There are lots of options out there! Many people use Gmail and Google Drive because it's free and easy to share your documents with other people. Unfortunately, Google Drive doesn't let you sign or type onto fillable pdf forms.

But wait... there's an app for that! 


There are some free apps that will help you sign documents, fill in forms and share them with other people. One free app is called Doc Hub.   Doc Hub will help you sign documents, fill in forms and share them with other people. Since it is connected to your Google Drive, it's easy to save the edits that you make. 

To use Doc Hub (or other free apps)

Open the pdf in your Google folder and click on +Connect More Apps.  Search for DocHub and click on +CONNECT. Once DocHub has been added to your Google Drive as an app, you can right-click on any file in your Drive and choose Open With DocHub.  Now you can edit and sign PDFs. 

Screenshot (1).png

Video: how to use FREE Doc Hub with your Google Drive documents

Family Care BINDER

Use a Care Binder with PAPER forms


If you prefer the original paper format, please click on the orange download button below.  Print your pages and create your own Family Care Binder. 


Or, text us and ask for a paper Care Binder. If you qualify for RCCMHC free services, we may be able to deliver a binder to you. 800-565-2575

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New Pages

Ask your care team to help you fill out this NEW Family Care Team form so you can keep track of who does what. This can also be useful when there are staff changes. IDEA: you can get photos by taking screen shots during a zoom meeting. 

You can find this new form at the end of the Contacts section

for website care team.PNG

If your child/teen is taking online or hybrid classes for school, you may want to use this NEW School Info page instead of the original info page. This new info sheet will help you keep track of log-in information and contact information for important school services. 

YOu can find this new form at the end of the School section

Online School.PNG

Our UPDATED Wellness Tracker now allows you to track your child's weight. This can be useful when starting a new medication.  Try using this tracker with the Behavior and Mood Tracker (located in the Mental Health section. Tracking behavior/moods and physical wellness will help you identify triggers and patterns. And that will lead to the best interventions to support your child!

You can find this updated form at the end of the Wellness section

NEW wellness.png
learn more about info sharing & team communication
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