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Healing, Belonging & Hope

Hello and welcome to the RCCMHC website!


I love being part of a collaborative that continuously inspires, innovates, and connects. Everyday, I see proof that we can do more together than we can do alone. I hope you will join us in our 2019-2021 commitment to Self Healing Communities and Strengthening Families

If you are new to RCCMHC, please join us at one of our 3 community-based committees (Advisory, Cultural Outreach, and Family Services.) Everyone is always welcome!

These work groups offer free monthly trainings and opportunities to exchange information, identify needs, address community challenges, and leverage resources.  Our Governing Board meetings are also open to the public. Please check our online calendar.


A Collaborative is only as strong as its stakeholders! Please feel free to contact me with your ideas and questions. Or, reach out to Jacinta Moss, our Board Chair

​Wendy Goodman

Executive Director

(800) 565-2575 ext.1