Supporting Families in Challenging Times

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Increased stress and isolation are leading to increased mental health, substance use, and maltreatment issues... so more families are experiencing crises and need support. 

At the same time, there are less resources available, agencies are under-staffed, and "helpers" are overwhelmed.


You are not alone!  Scroll through this list of resources.  Each guide has links to extended learning and training videos.  If you are still feeling stuck, please let us help. We can brainstorm with you and connect you/ your client with local services and supports.

Need a quick break to manage your OWN stress?

Visit the Calm Room. 

Navigate Ramsey County Services
Use this chart to figure out who to call for a mental health crisis, emergency, suspected abuse/neglect, caregiver support, coordination, respite, or resources etc. 
Supporting Youth Families Through Challenging Times
Youth Emotions & Behaviors
Review warning signs and intervention strategies. See suicide checklist and interventions for the virtual environment/ "social distancing."
Keeping Youth Safe
Review the risks and "virtual" red flags for abuse/neglect. Get a list of sample questions and ideas to engage youth through telehealth. Find tips to keep kids safe online. 
Child Welfare & Child Protection
Use this chart to learn more about the NEW diversion process of Child Welfare. 
Out of Home Care or Treatment
The labyrinth of transport holds, inpatient admission, consent for treatment, or out-of-home placement can be confusing!  This page offers brief explanations of each. 
Youth Mental Health Crisis/Emergency Guide 
This 6-page guide provides details about the process from crisis to hospital and back home. Suggestions and ideas for each step.
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Respite Options
Sometimes a caregiver just needs a break. This page describes the different respite options available in Ramsey County.
Coronavirus CALM 
Use this fillable form to help families create a coronavirus family plan. 
Find Local Resources 
Find local contact information and resources for crisis, hospitalization, mental health agencies, and basic needs agencies, and our online family care organizer. 
Writing on a Notebook
Crisis Response Training
This training offers an overview of the Ramsey County Crisis Response Team and offers some de-escalation strategies. 
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Community Bulletin Boards
Visit this page to find NEW and time-sensitive resources as well as services with no wait times for youth/families.
Also take a look at the columns for Professional Resources & Professional Trainings!
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