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Short Videos

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Work days are busy and don't leave much time for professional development!  But, taking a few minutes to re-charge and learn from others can give new energy and perspective to our work.  


Take a few minutes to watch  a short video of strategies that support youth mental health, emotions, and behaviors. We link to different videos throughout the year.  We are currently highlighting a series of videos by Edutopia 


  • Is there a video topic you would like to see?

  • Do you have a short video to share?

  • Email your ideas or video links to




Making Connections with Meetings at the Door

2:44 minutes

Making Sure Each Child Is Known

3:08 minutes

Cultivating Trust with One-On-One Time

3:28 minutes

Check In/ Check Out Buddies

*Providing a Daily Support System for Students

3:44 minutes

Every Child Needs a Champion

*Rita Pierson

7:48 minutes


De-Escalation Spaces 

*Helping Students Manage Emotions

3:39 minutes

Meditation Helps Lower Truancy and Suspension

*Neighborhoods with Gun Violence

6:32 minutes

Sensory Room

*Helping Students with Autism Focus and Learn

3:04 minutes

Peace Corner

*Creating Safe Space for Reflection


Activating the Brain with Movement Breaks

*Toxic Stress/ Trauma

3:12 minutes


Restorative Circles

*Creating a Safe Environment for Students to Reflect

3:44 minutes

Restorative Approach to Discipline

5:02 minutes

Dialogue Circles to Support Classroom Management

4:04 minutes


5 Keys to Social Emotional Learning Success

6:02 minutes

Smart Hearts

*Social and Emotional Learning Overview

12:51 minutes

Pom Pom Jar

*How Do You Teach Kindness?

1:00 minute

See also: Teaching Kindness & Empathy

Maker Space

*SEL- Problem Solving & Self Regulation

3:55 minutes

Habits, Community & Culture

*Adding SEL classes; Telling a child- "I see you."

3:48 minutes


Tap In/ Tap Out Strategy

1:48 minutes

See also: The Importance of Self-Care for Administrators

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