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RCCMHC's Training Film

Children’s Mental Health: The Whole Story is a locally-produced, documentary-style training film about children’s mental health and trauma. Narrated by a teen with mental illness, this film uses real stories from families and providers across multiple systems. It offers a down to earth and holistic look at challenges, strengths, and opportunities for intervention. It also talks about policy- what works and what is needed.

Click on the link below to download the film and video guide:

Please use this film only for training purposes.

Children's Mental Health: The Whole Story


The film can be downloaded as 1 hr 49 min documentary or in shorter Learning Chapters.  

Table of Contents with Time-Stamps

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Video Guide

​DOWNLOAD: Click on a photo below to download individual chapters of our 124-page Resource and Discussion Guide. 

We want this guide to evolve and to be responsive to the needs of  our community. Please send us your questions or suggestions and we will update the guide accordingly! 

Included in the Video Guide


Summary of film content

How to tailor your own training 

Extended learning- dig deeper on the film's topics 

Questions for discussion or writing

References for film-based charts and statistics

Related resources & Easy "clickable" links​

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