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Youth, Family & Community Engagement

Family and Community Engagement addresses the complex needs of youth with mental health disorders and their families.   Youth (ages 0 - 24) must live in Ramsey County or be affiliated with a school district in Ramsey County. Qualifying youth must have a mental health diagnosis or must be struggling with emotions/behaviors that may put them at risk for a mental health diagnosis in the future.

Providers and families can refer or self-refer


For more information, call/text 800-565-2575


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GOALS (program specific)

​1) increased youth/family well-being, 2) increased access to community resources, 3) improved care coordination across systems, 4) increased mental health/trauma literacy, 5) increased youth/caregiver voice in co-design and leadership, 6) reduced disparities for BIPOC families and families with complex needs, 7) improved transitions of care, and 8) reduced use of mental health emergency care.

Our Approach

Our approach to youth, family and community engagement was developed by local families/community.


It is grounded in the Strengthening Families Framework and 7 foundational ideas developed by the Center for the Study of Social Policy: 1) the two-generation approach, 2) consideration of culture, 3) the strengths-based perspective, 4) the biology of stress, 5) resilience theory, 6) a focus on well-being, and 7) the nature of risk and protective factors. 

Strengthening Families Framework: Branching out and Reaching Deeper

Balancing Adverse Childhood Experiences with HOPE

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RCCMHC's services are FREE and available now.

  • Family driven; flexible scheduling, self-pacing, lots of choices!

  • No time-limits for services... people can stay with their "collab family" for as long as they'd like!

  • It's OK to miss a meeting or training- we understand that life happens.

  • Everyone is welcome. No judgement here.

  • Our in-house team is mostly BIPOC, some of us are bilingual (Spanish & Hmong) and most of us have lived experience with mental health and/or trauma. Our extended community team is an even more diverse group of clinical and nonclinical specialized care professionals, service providers, and healers.

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Several times per month, we collaborate with local healers and providers to offer psychoeducation trainings , holistic/cultural healing programs, and skills-based activities for youth, caregivers, and families. 

  • Curriculum and topics are co-created with our Family Services Committee.

  • We deliver "tangible tools" to help families practice what they learn. Examples are fidgets, yoga mats, art therapy supplies, noise canceling headphones  etc.

  • Trainings and programs are offered for youth, parents/caregivers, and families. 

Holding Hands


RCCMHC offers whole-family support through a multi-disciplinary "it takes a village" team that loops in crisis services, county, school, primary care, local healers and providers to address complex needs.

  • Resilience coaching check-ins

  • Resource navigation & connections to local services; 

  • Short-term care coordination  to connect or build a family's care team

  • Case consultation for local providers

  • Family Care Organizer & tangible/material supports

  • Common Referral Page; visible point of access



RCCMHC connects families and providers with community services and resources.

  • Text or call Resource Line (800-565-2575)

  • Frequent virtual Resource Fairs and events

  • Online Community Bulletin Boards for time-sensitive resources

  • Online Search Tool for local mental health agencies 

  • Community Resource Guides

  • Rapid Response and resource navigation Task Groups & Committees 

  • Online library and resources



RCCMHC works with our families and community partners to develop opportunities for family respite and peer connections

  • Monthly Family Game Nights

  • Bi-weekly Trivia Social Hours (for parents/caregivers)

  • Annual Family BBQ 



RCCMHC is committed to engaging families as invested stakeholders and systems builders. We value youth and caregivers as equal partners with providers and policy makers. Families guide every aspect of our work and we rely on the wisdom that each person brings to the table.  


  • Our 2021 Governing Board Chair is a parent

  • Our 2021 Governing Board has three parents and two youth representatives

  • Our Family Services Committee is a diverse group of 75 caregivers and youth 

  • We send "family ambassadors" to sit on other advisory committees and policy making boards in Ramsey County

  • We offer leadership trainings and opportunities for youth and parents/caregivers

  • We pay stipends to our families for their time and expertise

What Do Families Say They Need?

We adapt our Family and Community Engagement  based on what families say they need. 

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Listen to our families share their stories in their own words. 

  • Multi-generational, holistic supports for the whole-family

  • Free services

  • Flexible and family-driven; Lots of options- let the family choose

  • Very short "intake"--- access right away

  • No time limits for services

  • No "blacklisting" for missed meetings or no-shows 

  • Connections to community services/resources 

  • Regular "check-ins"; social connections and peer support

  • Information about youth & adult mental health, trauma, parenting, coping skills

  • Tangible tools and concrete material resources

  • Healers and providers that reflect the community;  individuals with life experience,  BIPOC, LGBTQ and people of all gender identities and expressions 

  • Support before/during/after a mental health crisis

  • One point of access; one stop shopping 

  • Capacities and strengths of families are central

  • Co-creation and leadership opportunities; Acknowledgement and payment for time 

  • A multi-system Care Team that communicates together on a regular basis; but not too many providers

  • Quick follow-up

  • Components for youth, parents/caregivers and families

  • learn more about Community Needs 

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