Youth, Family & Community Engagement

RCCMHC supports youth, family and community

engagement in the following areas:

  1. Caregiver and Youth Leadership

  2. Mental Health Trainings

  3. Community Outreach and Support

  4. Family Wellbeing Resource Fairs

  5. Wellness and Respite Events


Group Hug

Activities are open to ALL Ramsey County families with a child who is experiencing emotional/behavioral challenges. Some activities with limited space are offered with a first-come first-served registration.  

Providers can refer a family or families can self-refer.  For more information, contact our Director of Family & Community Engagement, Holly Brabeck  (800) 565-2575

Our Approach

Our approach to youth, family and community engagement was developed by local families/community.


It is grounded in 7 foundational ideas developed by the Center for the Study of Social Policy: 1) the two-generation approach, 2) consideration of culture, 3) the strengths-based perspective, 4) the biology of stress, 5) resilience theory, 6) a focus on well-being, and 7) the nature of risk and protective factors. Strengthening Families Framework

It also builds on the concept of empowering families and communities to recognize their own ability to make change and create spaces for healing, belonging, and hope.

Self Healing Communities Model


The concept is simple.


Protective Factors.jpg

Our Family and Community Engagement has grown from approx. 5 parents in 2013 to 800+ families in 2021.



RCCMHC is committed to engaging family and community members as invested stakeholders and systems builders. We value youth and caregivers as equal partners with providers and policy makers. We value the wisdom that each person brings to the table. 


  • Our 2021 Governing Board Chair is a parent

  • Our 2021 Governing Board has three parents and two youth represented

  • Our Family Services Committee is a diverse group of 75 caregivers and youth 

  • One parent participates in our county-wide Crisis Response Task Force

  • We offer leadership trainings and opportunities for youth and parents/caregivers


MH Awareness Event_edited.jpg

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are constantly revamping our services and programs to ensure we meet the needs of our families and the number of mental health crises are decreasing as much as possible.  

  • Over 100+ youth/teens participate in Moodie Monday events (art projects, music therapy, youth yoga, movie watching)  

  • Over 1,000+ tangible tools have been delivered to families after participating in Wellness Events that are focused on holistic health, cultural healing, and innovative strategies to improve youth mental health and family wellbeing.

  • 145% increase in the number of mental health trainings and wellness events offered


RCCMHC collaborates with local partners to provide mental health support and resources in our community.

  • 100+ Care Packages were mailed or dropped off to RCCMHC families and families referred by our school district partners in 2020

  • Our 'Family Care Organizer' is now available in three formats: print, (iXpand) flashdrive, and online fillable PDF   

  • 100 Crisis Backpacks were donated to 4 metro area hospitals to support youth discharged from the ER after a mental health crisis (in partnership with the Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative)

  • Hosted Cultural Healing Circles and Grief and Loss through a Cultural Lens trainings

  • Online resource library and three community bulletin boards full of resources, utilized by over 1,000 people

  • RCCMHC's dedicated team of staff, interns and volunteers provide over 400 parents/caregivers and youth weekly check-in's by providing resilience coaching, resource connection, and providing a sense of hope and belonging.

  • 350% increase in the use of our 1-800 Resource Text Line



RCCMHC collaborates with local partners to provide whole family wellbeing outreach and resources in our community.

  • 4 Virtual Resource Fairs in 2020 welcomed over 150+ parents/caregivers

  • 2 Virtual Resource Fairs in 2021 welcomed over 200+ parents/caregivers and youth

  • Download our 2021 Ramsey County Family Wellbeing Resource Guide here


RCCMHC works with our families and community partners to develop opportunities for family wellbeing and respite.

  • Monthly Family Game Nights

  • Bi-weekly Trivia Social Hours (for parents/caregivers)

  • Annual Family BBQ and Waterpark Event