Moodie Mondays (Just for YOUTH)

We meet online on Mondays. Scroll below to see a list of youth resources and upcoming events.  Contact Holly for more information: Email:  Text or Call: 1-800-565-2575 (Toll Free)

by Aniyah

This year has been hard. We asked kids and teens what might help... and they came up with the idea of  "Moodie Mondays."


Moodie Mondays is an online space just for Ramsey County youth/teens. You can be moody- or not- no judgment here!  It's a place for healing, belonging, and hope. It's a place to learn and share and make connections with other youth who care about mental health. Best of all--- it's new so you can make it whatever you want it to be!

Resources, Prizes and Gifts- YES!

Each month, we'll get together through Zoom to watch a movie, do an activity like art, music, or yoga, bring in a guest speaker, host a virtual talent show or have an online pizza party!  Some events will be for teens, some for youth, and some for "all ages" but we'll ALWAYS give away cool resources, prizes, and gifts! 

Virtual Calm Room

Are you feeling overwhelmed and full of emotions? Is your brain racing? Sometimes we need to escape for a little while to calm down, relax, or distract ourselves from our worries. 


Take a vacation from your stress-  visit our virtual Calm Room.

Teen & Youth Resources

Check out our NEW Teen and Youth Bulletin Boards. 


It's easy and fun to find and share resources. Like your favorite posts so that other kids know which ones to try!



Text Us 800-565-2575

Ask us questions and get connected to resources!


Sign up to get text message notices about Moodie Monday activitities and free stuff (like care packages!) 


NOTE: this is not a Crisis Line. If you need immediate help, call the Ramsey County Crisis Response Team (below)

Local Crisis Help

You don't have to wait until it's a crisis. You can call this number anytime that you need help (it's open 24/7) Multi-cultural staff. Spanish, Arabic and Hmong speaking. 


Children's Crisis Response  (Ramsey County)


Click on the button to find more crisis resources.


Select an area of challenge and GritXPEDITIONS will chart your course for getting through. 

You can aslo try their Self Interview, Self Care Toolkit, Skills Studio and more!


Do you want to make a difference for youth mental health? Are you a part of a youth group that would like to connect with other youth groups?  You have two youth representatives on our Governing Board​ and they are bringing together youth from all across Ramsey County. If you would like to be a part of this new effort, please let us know!

Grant Peltier (Youth Rep- highschool)
Tatiana Pacheco (Youth Rep- college)

Wendy Goodman (RCCMHC staff) Call/Text 800-565-2575  

How are YOU feeling?
Go to your Bulletin Board and use the "check in" section to share your ideas and feelings with other youth or teens who are coping with mental health or stress.
Upload a song, poem, or drawing. Post a photo. Link to a youtube video.  Or journal your thoughts for others to read.

So... what is a Moodie, you ask? 


Well, it's kind of like a "Foodie"...


Food·ie  /ˈfo͞odē/


  • a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet.

Mood·ie  /ˈmoodē/


  • a person with a particular interest in moods and mental health; a learner, teacher, or advocate for mental health.  

OK. OK. We made up the word. But we're hoping it catches on! (I mean, somebody invented the word "selfie", right?) With your help to spread the word... we think everybody is going to want to be a Moodie!


Champions for Mental Health