Moodie Mondays (Just for YOUTH)

We meet online on Mondays. Scroll below to see a list of youth resources and upcoming events.  Contact Holly for more information: Email:  Text or Call: 1-800-565-2575 (Toll Free)

Moodie Monday.jpg
by Aniyah

This year has been hard. We asked kids and teens what might help... and they came up with the idea of  "Moodie Mondays."


Moodie Mondays is an online space just for Ramsey County youth/teens. You can be moody- or not- no judgment here!  It's a place for healing, belonging, and hope. It's a place to learn and share and make connections with other youth who care about mental health. Best of all--- it's new so you can make it whatever you want it to be!