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Classes and Programs

Several times each month, RCCMHC provides large group psychoeducation classes for caregivers and Moodie Monday skills groups for ages 6-12 and 13+   We also offer holistic wellness programs and family respite activities. And we partner with local agencies who offer even more parenting classes, youth groups and other family programs!

By the way... the photo below is a Worry Monster that "eats worries" from one of our Moodie Monday youth skills groups. (see below)

"While we’re waiting to get the therapy and care coordination going, the trainings have been wonderful. They help kids and adults alike by teaching us new skills and help keep our focus on practicing better and healthier skills."

Worry Monster.jpeg

Thank you to our Family Support Specialist , Olivia, who created this very cool Worry Monster and taught our kiddos how to do it too!

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