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Rapid Access and Therapeutic Services

RCCMHC works with "priority partnership" mental health agencies who offer youth/family therapy and Rapid Access sessions (3 free sessions; no diagnostic assessment is needed.) We also collaborate with other local mental health agencies and providers of therapeutic services such as psychological testing, EIDBI/ disability services, CTSS skills, occupational therapy, play therapy, music therapy, art therapy, substance use treatment, holistic health healers etc.


Our staff work with the family to select the best fit- culture, language. LGBTQ, gender, specialty areas, location (clinic, home, virtual, school) and more!  Then, we help to schedule the  first appointment and check in with the family to support continued engagement. 

"My child feels extremely comfortable with her therapist. Though she usually has difficulty opening up with new people, my daughter instantly felt a connection with her therapist and felt understood."

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