Holistic Wellness Programs

Join us for an online holistic wellness event! Zoom links will work on your phone, laptop or tablet. 

Contact Holly for more information:  holly@rccmhc.org   (800) 565-2575

Image by Lesly Juarez

Our wellness programs are all about holistic health, cultural healing, and innovative strategies to improve youth mental health and wellbeing. 

These online events are for Ramsey County families with at least one youth who is experiencing challenging behaviors or emotions. In the list below, we will indicate if the event is for parents, teens, young children or the whole family. 

Participants will get a "tangible tool" to help them practice the strategy. For example: we delivered yoga mats for an online yoga class and clay for an art therapy activity.  $20 gift card stipends are not provided for wellness events.

Upcoming Events