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Professional Library

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Help us keep our videos and libraries up to date!
Please send us new items and let us know if a resource should be removed. 

Use this link to access reports, needs assessments, journal articles, and other professional resources related to children's mental health. 

Professional Resources Library

Local data and input from RCCMHC families is available on The Need page of our website. It's great for grant writing! 

The Need


Use this link to watch short videos of strategies that support youth mental health, emotions, and behaviors.

Short Videos

Don't forget about the online library for families! It's full of printable resources for your clients. 

Family Library



How to View the Professional Library

After the link opens, you will have the option to adjust how you view the library. At the top right corner, you can select: list, compact list, or tile view. 


The "tile view" will allow you to see a small photo of each re​source:

Screen Capture.PNG
The "compact list view" will allow you to see those same resources in a condensed list:
compact snip.PNG

Need help finding something?

Please call 651-293-5951 or email Wendy

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