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Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitalization

Psychiatric hospitalization may be the only way to help your child.  This does not mean you have failed as a parent or that your child has done something wrong!


Time spent in the hospital is mean to be SHORT. Inpatient services typically include assessment/evaluation, crisis stabilization, diagnosis, treatment, crisis planning, medication management, and referral.

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Inpatient Criteria

  • Acute imminent threat to themselves or others in the form of suicidal ideation and/ or plan, suicidal acts, homicidal ideation or plan, or aggressive behavior with a likelihood of significant harm. These threats must be due to a primary mental illness.

  • Youth that present with significant impairment in reality testing, judgment, or ability to care for self that require psychiatric assessment in a safe secure environment.

  • Youth who require regulation of medication for a psychiatric diagnosis

  • Youth with a primary mental health diagnosis who fail to respond to a lesser level of care in the community


NOTE:  A "behavioral crisis" is NOT typically considered criteria for inpatient hospitalization

  • Youth that have agitated or aggressive behaviors but do not carry a primary mental health diagnosis.

  • Youth with a primary diagnosis of Pervasive Developmental disorder or Intellectual Disability with behavioral deregulation that is not an acute change from chronic baseline behaviors.

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