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Family Care Team

When a family needs more intensive supports, a Family Support Specialist schedules an initial conversation with the parent/guardian to discuss needs and opportunities.  This Family Support Specialist will be the family's main contact. After completing a youth and family psycho-social screening, the Family Support Specialist will support the family with appointment setting, care coordination/organization, and resilience coaching. 


The Family Support Specialist will also work with the parent/guardian to develop their Care Team. Each Care Team is tailored to the needs of the family and may include: a Family Coach (peer to peer), other RCCMHC staff with specialty backgrounds, School, County, mental health and/or other family service and basic needs providers. The Care Team works together to support whole family wellbeing.  See example 

"(RCCMHC helped with...) my granddaughter's mental health and stability. Her worker was able to schedule her sessions after school and in the Summer while she was away at family's house. It was also helpful that she had video visits vs office visits which would have been a hassle to get her to ."

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