Pre-Recorded Trainings

Get cozy at home and watch these trainings whenever you have the time!  Contact Holly for more information:   763-339-7628

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We will post powerpoints and videos from in-person and online trainings. Some will be videos and some will be Powerpoints that you can scroll through online. 

The trainings are posted in the order they were presented. We will describe if the training is "101" (basic) or "2.0" (extended learning), "Wellbeing", or "Youth-Specific."

Intro to our NEW Youth Mental Health 101 Training Series plus resources that support care coordination and systems navigation.


101 Training

Parenting, COVID19 and Patience: How to Keep Your Cool During a Crisis

1 hour 29 min


How to Advocate for Your Child/Teen in the Youth Mental Health System


101 Training