Wilder Community Mental Health & Wellness Clinic

Wilder Community Mental Health & Wellness Clinic

Website: https://www.wilder.org/what-we-offer/mental-health-wellness-services 

Phone: 651-280-2310 


IN-PERSON: Most of our services are still via telehealth for now. We offer limited in-person services, based on clinical need of a client, but this is a discussion between the client (and caretaker) and clinician and needs to be approved by our clinical director.


AVAILABLE NOW: YES. We can schedule appointments the same day, next day, or pretty quickly.


Wilder is a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHC).  A CCBHC provides integrated, evidence-based, trauma-informed, recovery-oriented and person-and-family-centered care. They offer the full array of CCBHC-required mental health, substance use disorder (SUD) and primary care screening services (one-stop shop) and have collaborative relationships with other providers and health care systems to ensure coordination of care.


Services Offered:

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Call or Text:  1-800-565-2575

Wendy Goodman wendy@rccmhc.org

Holly Brabeck  holly@rccmhc.org