Washburn Center for Children

Washburn Center for Children

Website: https://washburn.org/ 

Phone: 612-871-1454



  • Intensive in-home services for your geography it could be nearly immediate to connect with services via telehealth.
  • WAARM stabilization services (through Allina referrals- see below) 


IN-PERSON: Some in-person options. Please inquire. 


Crisis stabilization -- 2-3 weeks is the max wait right now.


Washburn Allina Acute Response Model through Allina clinics (Bandana Square; United Hospital) -- short wait times but specifics are actually tracked through a different system since referrals are made by Allina clinic/hospital staff.


Family Focused (early childhood mental health program for families with children birth to kindergarten) -- wait times are currently 3-4 weeks.

Services Offered:

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Call or Text:  1-800-565-2575

Wendy Goodman wendy@rccmhc.org

Holly Brabeck  holly@rccmhc.org