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Is Hospitalization Needed?


At times, hospitalization may be the only way to help your child. (See list of inpatient mental health options below.) Hospitalization may be necessary because your child is:


  • Thinking about hurting himself/herself or others

  • Seeing or hearing things (hallucinations)

  • Having bizarre or paranoid thoughts (delusions)

  • Being extremely aggressive or destructive

  • Using drugs or alcohol and refusing to stop/ not able to stop

  • Not eating or sleeping for an extended period of time

  • Exhibiting severe psychiatric symptoms (e.g. anxiety, mania, or depression) that has not responded to treatment             

  • For more information on signs & symproms visit our page on children's mental health crisis 


Most of us have experience visiting the ER. We might get a chest x-ray or physical exam and then leave with antibiotics for an infection or a cast on a broken bone. But, going to the ER for a mental health emergency can feel different. If our child is not admitted, we can leave feeling scared or confused..


If you have time, CLICK HERE to read about what the ER can (and can't) do for your child in a psychiatric emergency.

Inpatient Mental Health Services for youth


Accepting children under the age of 12 AND adolescents


Abbott NW Hospital 

Child/Adolescent Mixed Unit (ages 5-18)

800 E. 28th St.; Minneapolis, MN 55407

University of Minnesota Medical Center

Fairview 2450 Riverside Ave; Minneapolis, MN 55454


Prairie Care (inpatient)

9400 Zane Ave N. Brooklyn Park, MN 55443


Mayo Hospital

1216 Second Street SW; Rochester, MN 55902


Miller Dwan Duluth 

502 E. Second St.; Duluth, MN 55805


Accepting ONLY Adolescents (12-18)


United Hospital 

Age 18 must be in highschool

333 North Smith Ave; St. Paul, MN 55102


St. Cloud Hospital 

1406 Sixth Ave N; St. Cloud, MN 56303


Mixed Units (Adolescents and Adults)

These require parent/guardian consent to be on a mixed unit. Staff carefully screen when looking at accepting adolescent patients.


Hutchinson Community Hospital

1095 Highway 15 S; Hutchinson, MN 55350


New Ulm Medical Center 

1324 Fifth St. N; New Ulm, MN 56073

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