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Community-Defined and Data-Informed Decision Making

Inequities can result when the people most likely to be impacted are excluded from decision making. Several times each month, RCCMHC convenes hundreds of families, system partners, service providers, and community leaders to share trainings, plan jointly, align resources, track outcomes, participate in community-based listening sessions, and make systems-level decisions.

Take a look at this 2021 list of needs identified by community.


Impact and Outcomes Committee

We co-create evaluation metrics with community.


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Listen, Test and Learn

RCCMHC uses a continuous loop of “listen, test & learn" to respond to the needs of youth and families in Ramsey County. 

  • See how we LISTEN & LEARN through our community-based committees, task groups and listening sessions. 

  • Take a look at what we TESTED & LEARNED in our 2020 Impact report

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