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Resource Sharing & Development

Collaboratives grow and are sustained through our Integrated Fund. (Minnesota Statutes Sections 245.491 to 245.495). The Integrated Fund is a pool of public and private local, state, and federal resources as well as in-kind donations and services which are consolidated at the local level and used to develop and implement cross-system and integrated services or supports that meet locally agreed-upon goals for youth with mental health disorders and their families. Learn more

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Resource Sharing

  • Text or Call our 800-565-2575 Resource Line

  • Resource events bring together systems, providers and families

  • Bulletin Board for time-sensiteive resources

  • Thousands use our website for resources and connections

  • RCCMHC provides Resource Navigation for families and providers

  • RCCMHC offers time-limited Care Coordination and Care Team supports; including Family Care Organizer set-up


Resource Development

  • Several times each month, RCCMHC convenes hundreds of families, system partners, service providers, and community leaders to mobilize and leverage resources

  • RCCMHC provides technical assistance and grant writing for our partners and for collaborative-specific  services. Examples: MN System of Care, Ramsey County System of Care, foundation grants

  • Learn more about our Resource Swap (paused during COVID. )

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