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Resource Scavenger Hunt- win prizes!

Tuesday June 23 to Friday June 26

Scavenger Hunt Map

This week, let's have some FUN while searching for resources! RCCMHC is hosting a virtual Resource Scavenger Hunt to help families and providers find resources, connect with resources, and share resources. 

Join anytime! The “hunt” starts Tuesday morning and lasts all week!  All answers can be found here on our RCCMHC website.


Visit these pages to find out how to win the "BIG PRIZES"

We also have a DAILY Hummingbird Search (see below.)

Hummingbird Answer- Friday
Hint:    Make A Difference in Ramsey County
Answer: Family Service Committee
Make A Difference.PNG
This hint led people to our Family Service Committee Page where they found the final hint. 
(backwards message)
Today we had a tie of a few parents who won at the exact same time.
The hummingbird was found on our calendar page!
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