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RCCMHC has been working with our County partners to define wellbeing and identify a working framework.


With additional input from the community, we hope to develop specific, measurable outcomes for youth and families. 


This will guide our work and influence the services we fund. 


How do YOU define wellbeing?


Let us know!


8 Dimensions of Wellbeing


Emotional:  Effective coping; Ability to adapt to change; Ability to regulate emotions/behaviors; Ability to maintain satisfying relationships; Resilience


Economic: Stable current and future finances; Stable and affordable housing


Social: Healthy family relationships; Secure attachment to a caring and reliable adult; Outside support system; Sense of belonging; Cultural connections 


Spiritual: Sense of purpose and meaning; Opportunities to contribute to the community


Educational/Vocational: Satisfaction and progress in school; Satisfaction and productiveness at work; Ability to contribute to the community


Physical: Appropriate development; Optimal clinical health (medical health), diet, sleep, nutrition, exercise


Cognitive: Developmentally appropriate language and communication skills and effective thinking; Opportunity for learning, skill building, and creativity;


Environmental: Safe, stable, and stimulating home/ community; Access to basic needs, nutritious food, transportation, education/jobs, etc.; Access to healthcare services; Access to culturally responsive services; Equitable treatment and opportunities