When we work TOGETHER,

we can leverage a wealth of local resources and capabilities such as: funds, services, technologies, expertise, community wisdom, peer support and volunteerism.

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Join a Task Group or Committee

Join us at one of our 3 community-based committees (Advisory, Cultural Outreach, and Family Services.) Everyone is always welcome! These work groups offer free monthly trainings and opportunities to exchange information, identify needs, address community challenges, and leverage resources.  

Put Something in... Take Something Out!

Each year, RCCMHC Partner and Member Agencies commit to cross-system collaboration by donating cash or sharing in-kind resources to the RCCMHC Integrated Fund.
Starting in January 2020, in-kind resources will be posted on RCCMHC's Online Resource Swap.
RCCMHC Partners and Member Agencies can visit the Resource Swap to get FREE products and services related to childrens' mental health and family wellbeing.
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Visit this preview of the Online Resource Swap.

Online Resource Swap

Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water... the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.   -Dalai Lama

Please contact RCCMHC Executive Director, Wendy Goodman, if you have any questions.
651-293-5951   wendy@rccmhc.org