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Resource Scavenger Hunt- Parents

Tuesday June 23 to Friday June 26

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For Parents and Caregivers

This Virtual Scavenger Hunt is for PARENTS/CAREGIVERS. It is open to any Ramsey County parent/caregiver of a child with a mental health disorder or emotional/behavioral challenges. You may choose to do the Scavenger Hunt alone or  with your kids. But, only a parent/caregiver may submit the Game Sheet to win prizes.

This is a VIRTUAL Scavenger Hunt. ALL answers can be found here on our RCCMHC website. 

1.  Get Started
Text the word GAME to 56525

To start, you must text the word GAME to 56525. You will get an automatic response that welcomes you to the Scavenger Hunt.  


If you don’t get an auto response or if you are confused about how to do this, please call/text Holly 651-497-9170 or email   

2.  Watch the Video

If you did not participate in Monday's kick-off Zoom, you may want to watch this brief video which explains how to play.  The video also offers some hints about where to find items. 

3.  Scavenger Hunt List

Family sitting on sofà at home working w

Take your time.  You may want to do a few tasks each day. 

Click on the Game Sheet below to view the Scavenger Hunt tasks. Or download and save this fillable WORKSHEET

4.  Submit Your Answers

There are two ways to submit your answers. Choose whatever is easiest for YOU. 

1. Click on the Game Sheet button, fill in your answers and submit.

2. Email your worksheet to 

Ways To Play & Win

ALL TASKS COMPLETED:  Game Sheets with ALL tasks completed will be entered into a raffle to win BIG prizes. Raffle Winners get to select their prize. (See prizes below)


SOME TASKS COMPLETED: Do the best you can. It's ok if you can't find every item on the list. Just submit your Game Sheet before Friday at 5pm. Everyone is a winner! Small prizes include: fidgets, wellbeing tools etc.


DAILY PRIZE: FIND THE HUMMINGBIRD! We will send out a hint each morning. Then, at 12:00 noon, we will hide a hummingbird somewhere on our website.

  • Win a $50 Target giftcard if you are the FIRST person to text/call Holly at 651-497-9170 and say where you found the bird. 

"And you ask, What if I fall?

Oh but my darling, what if you FLY?"

-poem by EH

Big Prizes

ALL TASKS COMPLETED:  Game Sheets with ALL tasks completed will be entered into a raffle to win BIG prizes! Raffle Winners get to select their prize from the list below!  Each prize will be customized to the family or provider. 


Movie Night

Online movie streaming and popcorn/candy delivery. 


Food Delivery

Lunch or Dinner  for your family or  provider team .


Self Care

A basket of self-care items for grown-ups!

Painting Stones

Get Crafty

Arts and crafts supplies to enjoy with your kids!

Sweetening Coffee

Coffee or Tea

Giftcard to a coffee shop or delivered box of tea & goodies.

Freshly Baked Muffins

Baking Fun

Everything you need to enjoy baking with your family!

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Outside Games

Activities for family fun outside.

Holding Books

Summer Reading

Gift card to your favorite bookstore.



If you get stuck... "phone a friend"!  Ask for help! And share what you learn!

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