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Tuesday Trainings 101

For more information, email or call/text our Resource Line (800) 565-2575

COVID-19 Isolation and mental health. Stressed out parents struggling with having the chil

Our Mental Health trainings are for Ramsey County parents/caregivers of youth experiencing challenging behaviors or emotions.  Our trainings are FREE.  Parents/caregivers will receive a $20 gift card stipend and/or tangible tool for attending.

Trainings include guest speakers, videos, small and large group discussions, role play scenarios, resources, and online activities.


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  • Challenging Emotions and Behaviors: How to Respond
    Challenging Emotions and Behaviors: How to Respond
    Tue, Nov 14
    Nov 14, 2023, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
    Join us to practice "mindful parenting" techniques that can be used with different ages and in different situations to reduce challenging emotions and behaviors. Also learn about CTSS skills services! Two caregivers per family can receive a $20 gift card.
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