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Road Map

Unfortunately, there is no road map to the children's mental health system. 

ADD developmental age to narrow down options

Find a therapist by zipcode

Health Care Coverage & Insurance

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Services from MNsure-certified navigators are always free. 

Medical Consultation

Mental Health & Wellbeing

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Trainings & Support Groups

Building problem-solving skills

Promoting positive activities

Managing reactions (distress)

Promoting helpful thinking 

Rebuilding healthy social connections


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Screenings & Referrals

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Primary care doctor, nurse practioner or other health care provider




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Diagnostic Assessment (DA)

Functional Behavior Assessment/ IEP

MNCHOICES Assessment 

Walkin Options 


Basic Services & Supports

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Resource and help lines

MH providers


Enhanced or Intensive Services

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Health Care Coverage & Insurance

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Crisis or Emergency Services

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Health Care Coverage & Insurance

Education test concept _ Asian boy student studying stressed headaches for exams in classr

Hospitalization & Residential Services

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Health Care Coverage & Insurance

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Advocacy and Navigation Services

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We “get in the boat” with you. This means we are with you along your journey to help you and/or your family determine the best care that suits your needs.

Peer support

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