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STEP ONE:  Choose Your Own Free Mental Health Tools

  • Click on the GO SHOPPING button to view the tools and add your favorite items to your Amazon cart. 

  • Standard tax and shipping rates may apply so you should be able to get items worth approximately $XX

  • After you select your items, we will text you or email you an $40 Amazon gift code

​NOTE: Each tool is related to a strategy we discussed during our Moodie Monday program: Daytime sunshine/movement/laughter,  Cozy sleeping area,  Bedtime routine,  Brain dump/ scheduled worry time, Low light/white noise, and CALM tools. If you would like ideas on how to match each tool to a strategy, click here

STEP TWO:  Text us to get your $80 Amazon Gift Code

  • After you load your items into your Amazon cart, please TEXT US at 800-565-2575 to let us know you are ready for your $80 gift code.

  • We will confirm that your family participated in the June 05 program and then we will send your gift code by EMAIL or TEXT MESSAGE.


STEP THREE:  Let us know if it was helpful

  • After you get your items, please let us know how your summer is going. 

  • We LOVE photos-- text us a photo of your family using your favorite Moodie Monday item and tell us why it was helpful.

  • Reach out to our Family Peer Specialists if you would like to practice using a Moodie Monday strategy.


You will need an Amazon account to use the $80 Amazon giftcode.

If you are having trouble setting up your Amazon account, we may be able to ship your items for you.

Please text us at 800-565-2575 and we will help!

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Scroll through the PowerPoint below our download it here  Click on the links to watch videos etc.

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  • Wakeup Sunrise Alarm Clock

  • Jumbo Memory Game

  • Spoons Game

  • 237 Minute of Fun Challenges

  • Cornhole Game



  • Magnetic Visual Schedule

  • Visual Timer


Brain Dump/ Scheduled Worry Time

  • Gratitude Journal

  • Sleepy Bear Diary

  • Composition Notebooks

  • Express Your Feelings Journal


Massage Before Bed

  • Massage ball

  • Bedtime lotion

Quiet Activity Before Bed

  • Light up bubble popping

  • Stacking rocks

  • Seek and Find Sticker Book

  • Magnetic Drawing Board

  • Ibex Greets His Feelings- Book

  • Rocking Chair (this foldable rocker can be used indoors too. Rocking is a great way to calm down.)

Cozy Sleeping Area

  • Elecstars Night Light

  • Glow in the dark blanket

CALM Tools

  • Mindfulness Breathing Owl

  • Sleep headphones

  • Magic Orb Wand (focus; meditate)

  • Happy the Hippo-- hot/cold​

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