Local Agencies:  Search Tool

The agencies below provide youth mental health and wellbeing supports. You can use the Search Box to find local services that are available now (no wait times) or in-person.  We will update these two categories frequently during COVID-19. You can find more resources on our Community Bulletin Board.

AGENCIES: Your agency can help us keep this list up to date! Schedule a regular check-in with our staff or fill out this form​ and email the updates directly to holly@rccmhc.org 


Need Help With Your Search?


You are not alone. RCCMHC offers FREE resource navigation and care coordination to help you connect with available services and local supports. 


Call or text:  1-800-565-2575 


Holly Walters, Director of Family & Community Engagement  holly@rccmhc.org  

You can only search for ONE category at a time.  So, please check ONE box for each search.

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