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Chill Out!  

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Join us for our annual Chill Out event December 20 (6:30 to 8:00)  We will meet over ZOOM.

Register HERE  (limited to first 150 families. $80 per FAMILY.)


On December 20, we will practice coping and de-escalation strategies that you can use for yourself or with your kids/teens!  You will also get an $80 Amazon gift code to purchase supplies related to those strategies.


Throughout 2023, we will offer more opportunities to collect free items from these lists and more! Scroll below to choose your items.

Choose Your Own Free Mental Health Supplies

You will have time to go shopping DURING the program.  But you can start loading up your cart right now!  Click on any of the items below to add them to your Amazon cart. 

How much can I put into my cart? 

  • During the program we will text you or email you an Amazon giftcode for $80 so you will be able to buy the items right away.  Standard tax and shipping rates may apply

  • Questions about the program? ...text our Resource Line 800-565-2575

Create a Chill Out Space

Some people call it a Calm Down Space, Cozy Corner, Rest Area, Retreat, Time-Out or Sanctuary. But whatever you call it, science and parenting wisdom both tell us that Chill Out spaces work for all ages! Everyone needs a safe coping space to retreat to when life is feeling too overwhelming. You can create spaces of sanctuary even in the smallest apartment or bedroom- you just have to get creative! Here are a few ideas to get started...

Build A Calm Down Tool Box

Each of us uses different tools and strategies to relax or to cope with stress. But we don't always remember to use them! Build a Calm Down Tool Box and keep it nearby...

You will need an Amazon account to use the $80 Amazon giftcode.

If you are having trouble setting up your Amazon account, please text us at 800-565-2575. In some cases, we may be able to use the RCCMHC Amazon account to ship your items to you after the program. 

*RCCMHC has a business affiliate account with Amazon so that we can post these supplies on our website.

Have you been wondering why your Collab Fam has been so quiet lately?


In the last few months, our collaborative has added 200+ new families. We've also added several new family support specialists. As we've been going through these changes, we had to pause some of our programming and we haven't been sending out our typical text message "check-ins" or reminders.


If you've been feeling out of touch with your "collab fam" please remember that you can always text our Resource Line to get support-- or just to say hello!  800-565-2575. We can also help with therapy appointments, resource navigation, and resilience coaching.


Starting in January, our schedule of FREE programs will be back again!  Here is a SNEAK PEAK of what's coming

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